Watt the… Xiaomi 100W car USB-C charger for $20.55

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The fact that Xiaomi plays a pioneering role in the field of charging technology was recently demonstrated once again with the introduction of 80W wireless charging. The Xiaomi 100W car USB-C charger, which provides a lot of power in the car, also shows this.

Xiaomi 100W Car Charger

Who needs 100W power in a car?

The Xiaomi 100W car USB-C charger has so much power that you can’t even tell from the charger itself. As is typical for Xiaomi, it is simple but black and not white, which makes it a good match for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. With a length of 7.5 cm and a diameter of 3.33 cm it is a bit bigger and thicker than for example the car charger from RAVPower. Even though the device was released on the Chinese market, it seems to work for international cars as well. At least with the Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S FM transmitter, this was no problem.

Xiaomi 100W USB C charger ports

There are two ports on the top side, one USB-A and one USB-C port. The USB-A port offers a maximum output line of 9V2A, i.e. 18W. The USB-C port even gets a maximum of 20V5A out of the on-board power socket! Actually, these automotive power sockets only have a voltage of 12V, so Xiaomi probably integrated a step up converter that can produce 20V. If you’re already thinking about the car fire, Xiaomi would like to calm you down at least with overheat protection, overvoltage protection and protection against short circuits. Will it melt through the contacts? We hope not. If you have experience with something like this, please write it in the comments!

Xiaomi 100W charger protection car

The question is, why do you need 100W charging power in your car, because the full 100W is currently hardly used by any equipment. Unless you use both ports at the same time, but Xiaomi doesn’t claim that with a lot of power the USB-C port can still charge.


Xiaomi shows once again how good they are at charging, but the Xiaomi 100W car charger is very special. Besides that, the question is how well the device is processed and if you really don’t have to fear a fire hazard or something similar. So we would rather recommend to use the cheaper but weaker car chargers.

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