Xiaomi 10l backpack for $6.94 in different colors

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The popular Xiaomi 10L backpack is currently available in various colors for $6.94 at AliExpress including shipping costs. Some colors may already be out of stock.

In addition to high-quality technical equipment, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is increasingly turning to other areas of life that can be equipped with products. Whether a towel, a men’s wristwatch or a suitcase: Fanboys of the brand get their money’s worth. This backpack in different colors could be interesting for everyone – especially because of the price.

Xiaomi 10 l backpack design

Backpack dimensions: Much smaller is not possible

As you can read in the headline, the 34.0 x 22.5 x 13.0 cm backpack has a potential filling capacity of 10 litres, so it is not intended for laptops or longer journeys, but rather as a light backpack for everyday use. The rucksack is available in seven different colours, but in our editorial office we didn’t find a common denominator which colour we like best. So we asked for the most neutral colour, black-grey.

Xiaomi 10 l backpack Dimensions
The Xiaomi backpack is designed for everyday use rather than for traveling.

What you have to say when unpacking the backpack: The backpack is really very, very small. You have to be aware of this beforehand, it is not suitable for transporting many things or even large objects. To illustrate this: My last intention was to transport a kitchen board from my parents’ house to me – but it didn’t fit. The advertising by Xiaomi suggested the following in advance:

Xiaomi 10 l backpack wearing comfort
Particularly small models who make the backpack look normal-size?

I don’t want to judge whether particularly small models were deliberately chosen here. Fact is: The backpack looks like this on me (1.83 m):

Xiaomi 10 l backpack excursion
Well, the perspective isn’t 1:1, but you can see a difference in size.

A rucksack should not be much smaller from my point of view, but in fact I was quite taken with the size during the test phase. I usually carry the Tigernu business laptop backpack around with me, which is handy for carrying the laptop and a lot of other stuff. However, it’s also a bit bigger and therefore sometimes too bulky for any kind of trip. The small version of Xiaomi comes in handy.

Xiaomi 10 l backpack dimensions comparison
Obviously, 10 l capacity is not much.

Design and processing

Made of polyester, the backpack weighs only 165g. The many small Mi logos on the backpack are particularly beautiful. Depending on the type of person you don’t want to have any unprinted backpack, but you want to have the small, discreet logo of the manufacturer with you.

Xiaomi 10 l backpack Mi Logo
There are several Mi logos on the backpack.

It is also important for me as a sorting person to have enough bags in my backpack to be able to sort everything I transport properly. The following bags can be found in the backpack:

  • two side pockets
  • Front pocket with zipper
  • inside pocket
Xiaomi 10 l Backpack Zipper
The zipper in the front is quite chic and does not get caught.
Xiaomi 10 l backpack inside
Inside there is a small additional pocket, e.g. for the tablet.

According to advertising, you should “no longer have to worry about the weather” because the backpack is water resistant.

Use: For Xiaomi fanboys only?

We are often accused (at least not without good reason) of being Xiaomi fanboys. In fact, the products are also very high-quality processed and in many cases the price-performance ratio is right. I’ve had the backpack on my shoulders almost every day for about two weeks now and have to say: For shorter trips, festival visits or simply a cosy evening with friends, such a small backpack is completely sufficient.

Xiaomi 10 l backpack funfair
The rucksack is suitable for smaller excursions such as to the fair.
Xiaomi 10 l backpack contents
The most important things for a trip fit in: Drinking bottle, umbrella, wallet.

Conclusion: Buy the Xiaomi 10 l backpack?

When I held the Xiaomi backpack in my hands for the first time, I thought, “Wow, you have no choice but to tear the backpack apart in the test article or make fun of it. But after a few days of use, I realized, “You have a choice. The backpack is really very small, but that’s the only thing that makes it negative. In fact, I use the backpack every other day now. Especially going to the swimming pool, for fitness or one-day city trips and festival visits, the backpack is really practical.

Xiaomi 10 l backpack hiking
Where do you think the road will lead us, little backpack? Off to the next trip!

Personally I always carry the Tigernu business laptop backpack with me, which is handy to transport the laptop and a lot of other stuff. But it is also a bit bigger and sometimes too bulky for any kind of entertaining trip. With the Xiaomi backpack in combination with a larger backpack you always have the choice. But – this has to be said – apart from the water resistance and the design there are many similar models.

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