Xiaomi 360 Electric razor for $39.99 in the test

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

After the stylish but somewhat weaker Mi Home electric razor, another razor from Xiaomi is now available. Just a few weeks ago we had speculated that the Smate sub-brand model would appear next, but the new razor was more in line with the typical Xiaomi design. Whether he can do even more than just look chic and how he fights against a proven Philips, you can find out in our test.

Cooperation with Remington

This razor is already available in China via Xiaomi’s sales platform There it is sold for 199 RMB, the equivalent of about $30. As usual, shipping will add an extra charge. This is still cheaper than most models from Braun and Philips. Whether the razor can compete with them in terms of quality is another matter. However, Xiaomi cooperates in the development with the well-known manufacturer Remington. One can therefore hope that the Chinese will take advantage of the brand’s experience here.  I own this Remington beard trimmer myself with which I am very satisfied and therefore hope for a good product here too.

Xiaomi Remington Shaver

Scope of delivery without USB adapter

The box is typically Xiaomi simple and white. Besides the razor you get a plastic protective cap, two instructions (unfortunately only in Chinese), a small cleaning brush and the charging station. It is supplied with power via a normal USB plug. A simple 5V1A USB adapter, a power bank or simply the USB connection on the laptop is enough.

Xiaomi Mijia shaver scope of delivery
A small cleaning brush is also included.

A full charge from 0% to 100% takes about two hours. After that, the battery lasts 60 minutes, which according to Xiaomi is enough for 30 shaves. But I would rather apply 20 shaves here, because it takes me more than 2 minutes per shave. The disadvantage of such a charging station is of course that the razor cannot be used when charging. Xiaomi compensates for this disadvantage at least a little, as a charging time of only 5 minutes is sufficient for a shave. But if the razor is completely empty, you still have to wait five minutes for your hair to fall.


Xiaomi Mijia Shaver Charging
The flickering is only visible through the camera, with the naked eye the light pulsates normally

Design and features of the Xiaomi 360° razor

Like all Xiaomi products, this shaver has an elegant and stylish design. The housing is made of plastic and the matt black colour is supposed to prevent fingerprints particularly well, which it does in my eyes. The power button is made of metal and has a slightly ribbed surface. The head is also mostly made of plastic. The shaving heads and blades are of course made of steel, which comes from Sweden and Japan.

Xiaomi Mijia Shaver Store

Further down are the four indicators for turbo mode, key lock, cleaning instructions and battery indicator. The turbo mode is activated during operation by pressing and holding the button and increases the speed to 3.9 m/s. If turbo mode is still activated when the shaver is switched off, the shaver will also remember for the next shave. The key lock is of course intended for transport in the toilet bag and is (de-)activated by pressing the power button for five seconds when switched off. The drop of water underneath lights up when the razor notices that the shaving heads are clogged with too much hair and should be cleaned. The battery indicator naturally indicates when the battery is low and when the shaver is being charged.

Xiaomi Mijia Shaver Lock

Shaving, cleaning & comparison with Philips

The razor has a rotating head (hence the name “360°”) with three rotating blades. The two different gears are actually there to be able to adjust the ideal speed of the blades depending on beard growth. But I have noticed that the turbo mode ensures that even with short beard hairs you don’t have to go over one place so often. Of course, this also drains the battery more quickly, which is no problem at home. In turbo mode the shave is also better than my Philips Series 3000 because more hair is simply removed “in one go”. In difficult areas of the chin, however, I have the impression that the Philips grips more hair, since here not only the plastic border around the shaving heads is movable, but also the metal shaving heads themselves.

Xiaomi 360 Electric razor

In normal mode, however, the overall performance is on par with that of the Philips. But I missed the trimmer, which is a must, if you haven’t shaved for a while. If you try to shave a, let’s say, 5-day beard with just the Xiaomi, you’re tweezing and pulling is pre-programmed. But if you shave every day anyway or at least every three days, you will also be happy with the Xiaomi.

Xiaomi 360 electric shaver wet shave

As you can see on the picture, you can also shave wet with the Xiaomi 360°. With me, however, he grasped less hair with shaving foam than without and I had to go noticeably more often over the same spot. However, it is practical that the shaver can be cleaned completely under water thanks to the IPX7 rating. With the Philips, cleaning under the tap is also possible, but I never immerse it completely or let water get into the charging contacts.

Xiaomi Mijia razor blades

Normal cleaning is therefore simply done under water and without fear of damage to the equipment. The thorough cleaning, which should be done approx. once a month, works in the same way as with the Philips. Remove the entire razor head and the retaining ring by turning it to the right (against the arrows) and pulling it off with a little force. Then you can thoroughly clean the individual blades with the small brush or again with water.

What do you think of the Xiaomi razor?

We liked the handy mini razor from Xiaomi for its equally low price, but the shaving performance was not quite convincing yet. Here you definitely get more power, at a similarly low price, but of course the razor is not quite as small and not so perfect for travelling.

  • Processing/Material
  • Turbo mode delivers good results
  • Key lock for transport
  • Charging station via USB

  • no shaving while charging
  • no trimmer for longer hair

For the current price I can recommend the Xiaomi Mijia 360° shaver to anyone who shaves daily or at least every three days. But if you let your beard grow a little longer, you will miss the missing trimmer painfully.

As always, we would like to ask you the question: What do you think of the razor? Does it fit your habits; and do you shave wet or dry? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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  • Profile picture from mayukh
    # 27.04.18 um 11:09


    I always like this …I want to buy it

  • Profile picture from Jack Muttu
    # 19.06.18 um 00:24

    Jack Muttu

    Excellent Razor, used it 3 times so far and I think it is very comparable to my £220UK Philips razor.

  • Profile picture from Arie
    # 28.10.19 um 14:59


    Please advice what are the differences between:
    Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver Razor and Xiaomi SOOCAS S3 Electric Shaver electric Razor 3?


    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 30.10.19 um 10:46

      Maike CG team

      @Arie I do not know for certain, but these models seem to have the same technical details, there just produced by different companies. Xiaomi Mijia is a model produced by Xiaomi for their Mijia product line, SOOCAS is a companie working under the Xiaomi brand. We have tested the SOOCAS electric toothbrush for example:

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