Xiaomi 82″ TV with 8K resolution & 5G close to release

It is no secret that Xiaomi also makes televisions. While the German/European market is treated rather shabbily and has so far only been supplied with the Mi TV 4S, much more is happening in China. After the transparent 55″ Mi TV Lux they are working on a Xiaomi 82″ TV with 8K resolution.

Xiaomi Mi TV 82 Teaser image
Photo: Here the 75″ television of Xiaomi, which offers similar dimensions as the new 82″.

What we know so far

Official information or even photos of the 82 inch TV are still missing, but thanks to the 208 cm screen diagonal one can assume that it does not fit into every living room. The new TV has now been certified by the Chinese certification authority under the model number L82M6-8K and should be ready for us in the near future. The power consumption is 700W according to 3C.

The 82 inch TV works with an 8K resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, which is four times more pixels than a 4K resolution. Such a resolution only makes sense with screen sizes from 80 inches, otherwise the difference would probably be too marginal. The display panel for the TV is supposed to be made by LG, although it is not yet clear whether it is an LCD or OLED panel. Since an 8K resolution requires extreme data rates, the new Prestige TV will also be equipped with a 5G modem. Of course, this also requires appropriate network coverage. WLAN-, respectively a LAN port, should also be integrated.

Xiaomi Mi TV 8222 LEak Picture Teaser

The Xiaomi 82″ TV will also be released in a second version with 4K resolution. That would of course lower the price again. After all, such a large device with 8K resolution would be very expensive. According to past Leaks the television is to be however nevertheless more favorable than the transparent Mi TV Lux with 55 inches, which strikes with about $7196. But this is also not yet the biggest TV from the Xiaomi universe, the Redmi Smart TV Max even comes on proud 98″.


Unfortunately, the chances that we will get the Xiaomi 82″ TV are relatively slim. Due to its sheer size, importing it is probably not an option.We can only hope that Xiaomi will also supply the western market with several TV models. Some time ago there was at least a 65 inch version of the Mi TV 4S. Do you need more inches and an 8K resolution?

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