Xiaomi ACTON: Electric skateboard for $355.89

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Tony Hawk fans: Xiaomi launches an electric skateboard. The Xiaomi ACTON is a skateboard, with which you should not ride in the halfpipe, but you can drive with a top speed of 22 km/h without exerting yourself!

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard

As is often the case with Xiaomi, it does not produce the product itself, but sells it through its own shop, for example. That’s why we refer to Xiaomi here, because most of us know the manufacturer and they stand for the product with their name.

Rather longboard than skateboard

The Xiaomi ACTON does not look like a classic skateboard. A typical skateboard offers nose and tail in a round form, the ACTON works here with angular ends. Another difference is of course the roles. While a skateboard offers wheels with a diameter of approx. 50 mm, the wheels of this electric skateboard with a diameter of 83 mm are considerably larger. As you know it from a longboard, the wheels are correspondingly wider. This has the advantage that in case of collision with small stones on the track, the board rolls much longer. Both make a lot of sense with the ACTON.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard Wheels

If you look at the deck from a bird’s eye view, you can see that the manufacturer has divided the griptape into a black and a grey area. Besides optical reasons, this serves as a simple orientation to distinguish where nose and tail are, i.e. where front and back is. This is also indicated by the green arrow at the front of the nose, which indicates the direction of travel.

Xiaomi Acton MOTOR

The underside of the deck on skateboards and longboards is also for the eye only. With the Xiaomi ACTON, the technology is revealed here. The engine and battery are located between the two axles. The aluminium frame gives the maple wood additional stability and ensures that women and men up to 100 kg can try their luck on the electric skateboard. Of course, the motor and battery also make for a rather proud weight. With a net weight of 5 kg, it is heavier than normal skateboards, but still easy to transport.

22 km/h top speed

The above mentioned technique makes the big difference between the Xiaomi ACTON and an ordinary longboard. The engine is a 500W engine that catapults the skateboard to 22 kilometers per hour. A maximum gradient of 15° is possible. The maximum speed is divided into three different speed modes.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard Riding

But how long can you cruise around with the Xiaomi ACTON? For a relatively long time! The manufacturer states a maximum range of 12 km, of course it always depends on the weight of the driver. The battery is an 80Wh Li-On battery. If you’re on the road and the battery runs out, you’ll need to find a power outlet and fully charge the board within an hour. The battery can also be easily removed, so that the ACTON can also be used as a classic longboard.


With the Xiaomi ACTON you can also drive at night, because the metal frame is equipped with LEDs all around. This way you can be seen from the front, from behind as well as from the sides. By the way, the supplied remote control brings you up to a speed of 22 km/h. Use a slider to control the speed and brake if necessary.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard LED

You can tell that this is a Xiaomi product by the fact that there is a suitable app for skateboarding. With this you can probably read the battery status of the ACTON and read out additional statistics.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard Remote Control


Excuse the language, but personally I’m extremely fond of the electric skateboard from Xiaomi! The current market leaders are probably boosted boards, which produce the strongest electric skateboards in terms of quality, but with almost $2000 they also charge a lot! For just over $200 we are really curious how cool the Xiaomi ACTON is in reality. You can write a lot. The bottom line is that you stand on the board and it’s fun.

Is that how you see it, or don’t you care about electric skateboards?

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    I like the idea of purely electric transportation when only traveling a few miles, I’ve played with the idea of designing and building sombre myself for practical use and also to put on the market for myself

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