Xiaomi AI Translator – translates in 14 different languages – for $41.92

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

This is a gadget that definitely has a practical application and should be especially helpful on vacation. On Xiaomi’s sales platform youpin.mi.com, a device has now appeared that translates spoken words for the user: the Xiaomi AI Translator

Placing an order in a restaurant or simply asking for directions – thanks to translation in both directions, even conversations are conceivable in which nobody speaks the same language.

Xiaomi AI Translator close

Universal translator on every trip abroad?

The problem is known to everyone who has ever travelled through a country whose language he does not speak. If both parties do not speak English, it is sometimes difficult to communicate. In Asian countries such as China, for example, this is even more noticeable. However, as communication between China and the West becomes more and more frequent and important, there are all kinds of devices, tools and apps that help with translation.

Xiaomi AI Translator
Does translating work as easy as promised?

This device, whose previously known name simply means “AI translator”, does just that. If an English sentence is spoken into the device, it is then output in translated form in Chinese, for example. At least that’s the promise that makes Xiaomi the device. Some sources also refer to it as Konjac AI Translator. Konjac is simply a translation of the brand name Moyu (魔芋), its literal translation beeing Devil’s Tongue, which is a species of plants.

Xiaomi AI Translator 14 languages
According to this graphic, the AI translates Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish and Swedish.

A total of 14 languages are supported, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as 13 European languages including English, Spanish, French and German. Xiaomi’s Xiao Ai, which we also know from Xiaomi’s AI speaker, works in the device. The camera in the Mi MIX 2S can also translate texts with this AI.

In addition to pure translation, there should also be other functions, such as playing music or announcing current news or even audio books. To what extent non-Chinese people will help or whether only Chinese services will be supported is not yet clear.

Well-known design

Externally, it looks like an iPod or the Apple TV remote control. The outer shell is made of aluminium and is available in two colours, a very light and a dark anthracite grey. It’s no bigger than an MP3 player and fits comfortably in any pocket.

Xiaomi AI Translator Colors

On the front there are four buttons; two that control the volume, one for recording or translation and a fourth, whose function is not yet completely clear. A USB-C connector is located on the underside, which charges the Translator in two hours. The 900 mAh battery should last for eight hours.

Outlook – Is the translator also a gadget for us?

The price in China is 249 RMB, the equivalent of about $40, which would be a very tempting offer if it could be ordered in the USA at a similar price. However, it remains questionable how easy it will be for non-Chinese speakers. Will he understand commands in languages other than Chinese? The AI speaker from Xiaomi failed our test for this reason.

But if the translator can really be used without any problems, that would look different. As soon as the device is available, we will test it ourselves. But what do you think of the announcement of such a “universal translator”? Can you imagine using it, and what would you be willing to pay for it?

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  • 03.05.18 um 16:20


    Wow, that is innovative! And for just $40? Every American startup would sell these things for at least $199 😀

  • 03.05.18 um 20:12


    Hope they make an English version. I am attempting to learn Mandarin Chinese, though. Slow going though.

  • 03.05.18 um 21:19



  • 06.05.18 um 05:12


    Ah, but does one have to record they play? Or, is it instant? Speaks as you speak?

  • 09.05.18 um 10:00


    When are you gonna have a test of this?

  • 18.05.18 um 07:52


    I want

  • 05.06.18 um 11:07


    Concept is amazing to know the each languages easily

  • 06.06.18 um 13:59


    Would love this

  • 07.06.18 um 23:05


    Need wifi or internet connexion

  • 29.08.18 um 15:37


    Do this device has Thai and bhasha translation ?

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