Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition TWS In-Ears available for $35.16

It’ about time – with the Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition there is finally an AirPods alternative of the Chinese all-rounder. The sale will start in China just in time for Singles Day on 11.11., soon after the True Wireless Stereo In-Ears should also be available in the Chinese online shops.

Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition

So what is already known about the Xiaomi AirDots?

The Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition reminds me at first glance quite strongly of the new Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Headset. However, the Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition do not require any physical buttons – a touch panel is integrated on the back of each handset, so that only a light touch is needed to operate it. Unfortunately, neither the volume nor the title can be changed via the handset.

Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition Touch Buttons
Functions of the touchpads: start smart assistants, play/pause, answer/place calls, mute.

The headset is also equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard, so Xiaomi was able to simplify the pairing and operation process considerably. If you take the handsets out of the charger box and switch them on automatically, they pair first with each other and then with the last connected smartphone. If you put them back into the charging box, they switch themselves off automatically – smart!

Unfortunately no hybrid driver

Inside the Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition beats a dynamic driver, with a diameter of 7.2 mm. The manufacturer apparently hasn’t found room for a BA driver any more – a pity. So it can be assumed that the Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition, similar to the Xiaomi Youth Bluetooth In-Ears, will perform worse in the high and mid frequencies than the Xiaomi Piston series with hybrid drivers – all speculation on my part.

Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition Driver

Of course, Xiaomi itself advertises with a super great sound, with strong basses and great high and mid tones – we’ ll wait and see what happens. 🙂

Three pairs of ear pads “for an individually pleasant wearing comfort” are included in the scope of delivery. I already liked this with the Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Headset and it should be similar, also thanks to a low weight of 4.2 g per listener. However, Xiaomi doesn’t shine more than other manufacturers with the battery life. The headphones should be sufficient for up to four hours of music enjoyment in stereo mode, and up to five hours in mono mode. If you include the capacity of the charging box, there should be up to 12 hours of music in it – three charges. Is that too little for you?

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