Xiaomi body scales overview and comparison

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With Xiaomi’s vacuum robots, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track, but this is far from being a comparison with the body scales of the Chinese tech giant. Admittedly, we’ve already fallen for it ourselves, so incomprehensible are the differences, product names and designs of the Xiaomi scales. It’s time to clean up and give you an overview again.

Which is what?

Roughly speaking, there are a total of four scales (as of March 2020), with a second generation of each of the first generation. These differ in classic scales (if you can say that for smart scales) and body fat scales. The first generation of the respective personal scales is no longer available too often, as Xiaomi is continuing the sales of the second generation much more strongly and replacing the first generation.

Mi Weight Scale (1st and 2nd gen.)

The very first scale from the Xiaomi universe is not smart like the newer models, but actually only measures weight. It is 6.2 cm thicker, slightly wider and therefore built higher than the second generation. With a weight of 1.9 kg, the predominantly glass personal scale is also 0.7 kg heavier than its successor model with 1.2 kg.

Mi Weight Scale 1

Mi Weight Scale 2

Availablewill no longer be producedyes
Dimensions30 x 30 x 2,82 cm28 x 28 x 2,2 cm
Weight1,9 kg1,2 kg
Integration in Mi Fit Appnoyes

As already mentioned, the second generation of the Mi Weight Scale is a little more compact, but still consists mainly of glass. The integration into the Mi Fit app (Android, iOS), into which you can also integrate the Mi bands, has been added. This allows you to observe your data in the long term and correlate it with the results of other devices (e.g. XY hours of running with Mi band, XY kilograms lost).

The first two Mi Weight Scales are hardly distinguishable.

How to keep the two scales apart

Since both are very similar and can hardly be distinguished only by product pictures, it is recommended to have a look at the technical data on the respective shop page. Do dimensions, weight and app integration match the data mentioned here? Then not too much can go wrong. Furthermore, the first generation can only be found with a lot of search effort and the prices are about the same. So you should go for the second generation here.

Xiaomi Mi Scale (1st and 2nd gen.)

The first Mi Scale was completely renewed in April 2019, it is an almost new model. Compared to the “predecessor” the material has been changed (plastic becomes glass) and updated to Bluetooth 5.0. Here the first generation is even thinner than the second, both versions are compatible with the Mi Fit app (Android, iOS).

Mi Scale 1

Mi Scale 2

Availablewill no longer be producedyes
Dimensions30 x 30 x 2,0 cm30 x 30 x 2,5 cm
Weight1,6 kg1,7 kg
Integration in Mi Fit Appyesyes

Visually, the two versions of the Mi Scale are almost impossible to distinguish, and functionally, hardly anything has changed. The newer version offers only a few more readings. A list of the measured values can be found here. Also with these two scales we recommend to pay attention to measurements, weight and Bluetooth. However, the first generation is hardly offered in the China shops anymore and no further offshoots will follow. Fortunately it is not that difficult.

Really a very fancy device.

If you don’t like the design of the first two generations much more, we definitely recommend the Mi Scale 2, which we have also tested extensively. Here, one gets the most measured values, software updates and very good workmanship. But a look over to the Anker eufy Smart Scale P1 is definitely worth it.

Do you have a smart scale at home?

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  • Profile picture from Guest
    # 13.08.20 um 11:30


    Der Artikel ist leider nicht vollständig. Es gibt für beide Versionen (ohne Körperfett vs. mit Körperfett) jeweils zwei Versionen:

    2015 veröffentlicht:
    – XMTZC01HM (nur Gewicht – glatter Boden)
    – XMTZC02HM (Gewicht + Körperfett)

    2019 veröffentlicht:
    – XMTZC04HM (nur Gewicht – ausgeschnittener Boden)
    – XMTZC05HM (Gewicht + Körperfett)

    • Profile picture from Guest
      # 13.08.20 um 11:35


      Alle diese 4 Versionen haben Bluetooth und sind in Mi Fit integriert. Die Uralt-Version, die im Artikel genannt wird, ist nicht in der Aufzählung vorhanden.

  • Profile picture from Ghax
    # 01.12.20 um 11:29


    Hi .. what's the difference in Mi Weight Scale and Xiaomi Mi Scale ? Which one can be used to measure weight of humans and small objects like football, fruits, vegetables etc. ?

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