Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite: NXP processor and five DPI levels for currently $29/£22/27€

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Most people should know that the Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi is not limited to smartphones. Xiaomi has also caught up in the gaming sector. The price of the Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite is certainly hot. This makes you wonder: What’s the catch? We’ll find out.

The design

In terms of design, the Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite (as the name suggests) is a lightweight. It weighs in at just 72g. The “Zero Punch” shell provides a classic design and gives the case a high degree of strength. In addition, the mouse has an ergonomically curved shape. Thus, it is suitable for different holding habits like lying and gripping.

Xiaomi Game Mouse Lite YXSB01YM-02
Colorful spectacle with RGB lighting

Customizable RGB streamer

The RGB streamer is also worth mentioning. This is located on the back of the gaming mouse. What’s cool is that you can individually adjust various lighting effects, such as brightness, lighting duration, streamer light, cooling, etc., via key combinations.

Xiaomi Game Mouse Lite YXSB01YM-03
Unfortunately, left-handers are left empty-handed.

On the left side of the gaming mouse is a thumb rest with two thumb buttons. It is a pity that the mouse is not symmetrical. This is a clear disadvantage for the lefties among us.

The DPI levels

According to the manufacturer, the Gaming Mouse Lite features a PixArt sensor that has a maximum output of 220 IPS and 6200 DPI. So you can increase the sensitivity of the mouse with the increasing DPI levels. There are five DPI levels in total: 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and 6200.

Xiaomi Game Mouse Lite YXSB01YM-05
The right setting for every game

Thus, the gaming mouse can be freely adjusted according to different gaming and usage habits. Also worth mentioning is the NPX processor, which achieves a transfer rate of 1000 Hz and thus a response time of 1ms with its 32-bit ARM. In short, aiming and positioning become more accurate.

Resistant from top to bottom

Not only the casing should be able to take a beating, according to the manufacturer. Xiaomi also advertises the gaming mouse with robust gliding feet. After all, it is also extremely important that they are smooth and very slippery. Therefore, the gliding feet should not wear out quickly.

Xiaomi Game Mouse Lite YXSB01YM-04

This also applies to the 2m cable, which is braided from nylon, making it super flexible as well. The mouse should be able to survive even the most heated duels unscathed. So it’s a sturdy thing all around.

24 grids per rotation

The mouse wheel of the Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite reaches up to 24 grids per rotation. Thus, scrolling is quick and straightforward. In general, the mouse wheel is smooth and has no indentations. This can be perceived as positive or negative depending on personal preference.

A smooth mouse wheel, without indentations.

The only question is whether the mouse wheel could become the biggest opponent in the heat of the moment if it scrolls too quickly and easily.


In general, I find that you get a lot for little money with this mouse. The mouse is currently available for 26,96€. However, I find it a pity that the Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite is not suitable for left-handers. I am also a bit annoyed that there is no wireless option, since I always find cables very annoying. However, it is definitely worth checking out the competition: In terms of price and performance, the Zelotes T90 Gaming Mouse for $17.99 (£16.99/19,99) can easily keep up. A cool feature of this mouse is the integrated weights, which can be manually adjusted according to need and preference and thus gives the player the desired stability. I find both models ideal for hobby gamers or beginners. What is your opinion?

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