Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner with USB-C for $51.64

On the road, at your desk or at home: this handheld vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi is so small that it fits into any travel bag. It is designed to fit a bottle and should not weigh more than a 500 ml water bottle. In addition, it is cordless, just like almost every hand vacuum cleaner these days.

xiaomi wireless handheld vacuum cleaner

Technical data

Suction power 13 000 pa
Weight 0,5 kg
Battery life 30 min
Power supply USB-C
Operating Volume n.a.
Dust chamber n.a.
Power <500 W

The handheld vacuum cleaner is supplied with a multifunctional attachment to help you with various applications. You can use the vacuum cleaner without an attachment, with a pipe attachment or with a pipe and brush attachment. However, the hand vacuum cleaner does not have rotating brush heads. The filter screen is removable for this purpose. Just like the entire “dust apparatus”. You can take the entire dust collection section off and disassemble it for cleaning as required. This includes the HEPA filter, the filter sieve and the cap of the hand vacuum cleaner.
The cover of the vacuum cleaner is also designed so that it does not accidentally pop open when in use. A key design ensures this.

xiaomi wireless handheld vacuum cleaner dust container

Is the Xiaomi hand vacuum cleaner worth it?

Xiaomi’s machine is more expensive than models like the Cleanfly, but it is said to have more than twice the suction power (13000 pa). With such a high suction power, however, a high operating volume can also be expected. I therefore doubt that the vacuum cleaner should be “quiet” as stated by the manufacturer. However, it is practical that it is equipped with USB-C. So you don’t necessarily have to travel by car, as with the Cleanfly model. This can be connected to the cigarette lighter. The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is more mobile, though, as you can also simply connect it to a power bank. And especially when travelling, many people carry a USB-C cable and a powerbank with them. For me, this is definitely a plus point.

xiaomi mija wireless handheld vacuum cleaner in drawer
The hand-held vacuum cleaner and its attachments

What do you think, is the Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner too expensive or would you be willing to pay more for more suction power?

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