Xiaomi Hard Case/Metal Case in 20″/24″ from $114.61

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The experience reports to date on the Xiaomi hard case have been very positive. Since Xiaomi has more models in its range we are expanding the article to include different sizes and materials.

Xiaomi Hard Case Black

Model20 inch PVC (carry-on size)24 inch PVC28 inch PVC20 inch metal
Size55 x 37.5 x 22.3 cm67 x 44 x 25 cm78 x 52 x 29 cm55.1 x 38.3 x 20.3 cm
Weight2.9 kg3.5 kg5.3 kg4.2 kg
Capacity36 l64 ln.a.31 l

Xiaomi hard case – The price

Not so easy to keep track of. Essentially, four different cases can be found in the shops: the hard-shell cases made of PVC in the sizes 20, 24 and 28 inches, as well as the 20 inch variant made of metal. The latter is considerably more expensive than the PVC models. Lots of money for a piece of hand luggage; are the suitcases worth the price? I have never written a review about suitcases, so I hope to be able to work through all relevant points here. Further questions are welcome in the comments.

Xiaomi Hard Case with wheels

Just a few words about the price. Suitcases of this size are available for just over 20 dollar from discounters to over 1,000 dollar from renowned manufacturers such as Rimowa. Xiaomi is not even in midfield here. The main differences are in the quality of workmanship (how stable is the case? do moving parts wear out?) as well as in the equipment (combination lock, interior equipment).

Equipment and content

According to GearBest, the 20 inch case has a capacity of 36 l, the 24 inch version holds 64 l. All in all, however, the information should be taken with caution, elsewhere in the 24-inch case it says “more than 40 l”, and the 20-inch metal case also has an explicit capacity of only 31 l. The figures in litres are therefore only of limited use as a reliable reference value.

By the way, only the small 20-inch case is suitable as hand luggage, the size of approx. 55 cm corresponds to the specifications of most airlines.

Xiaomi hard shell case 20 inch inside
Inside the 20-inch case by Xiaomi.

The PVC cases have a scratch-resistant coating and the handle can be adjusted to four different heights (many trolleys have only two settings). It should be comfortable to pull at any height. And the four plastic wheels on the underside of the case allow it to be pushed or pulled upright. According to the description, the rollers are quiet and durable.

Xiaomi Metal Case Lock

For a certain degree of security a zipper lock is still attached. There the two handles are clamped and secured with a three-digit combination lock. The metal case has two locks and no zipper. The interior varies from model to model. There are some additional storage compartments and from the 24-inch version also cross straps for securing the contents.

Xiaomi hard shell case 24 inch inside
In the 24-inch version of the Xiaomi hard case there are additional straps.

In Shanghai we visited an original Xiaomi store and there we also found the suitcase in different sizes. Unfortunately, our luggage situation did not allow us to take one with us right away, even though we were really close. ? So we can’t say anything about stability yet, but the workmanship of the wheels and handle (with four steps) was impeccable. We were happy about the opportunity for a first impression, which is definitely positive.

Xiaomi Store Hard Case
The shelves in the Xiaomi store with backpacks and suitcases.


Well, it all comes down to processing. If it’s good to very good, which is what you assume with Xiaomi, then this absolutely justifies the price of the suitcases. What’s your opinion on that? Are you interested in the Xiaomi hard case, or do you already have experience with it? And would you rather spend a lot of money for a good suitcase, or do you prefer bargains?

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