Xiaomi HIMO E-Bike for $260 – Small bike for the city

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

That even makes the rounds in International online media: On Xiaomi’s sales platform youpin.mi.com a small electric bicycle appeared for a price of not even $260: the Xiaomi HIMO E-Bike.

Xiaomi HIMO E-Bike

E-bikes are also becoming more and more popular in Europe and the US. Many gladly accept the additional drive assistance in connection with the environmentally friendly drive. Unfortunately the bikes are still quite expensive, and $1000+ and more is easy to get rid of. From China comes here again a clearly more favorable alternative, behind which as so often in parts also Xiaomi is. However, the brand under which it is sold is called HIMO.

The bike has only small tires with a diameter of 12 inches and is mainly intended for shorter rides in the city. It is not really suitable for off-road use with this construction method. The handlebar can be folded in to make it easier to store. Together with the weight of “only” 16.7 kg (for an electric bike) it should also be ideal for the way to work. Once you have arrived, you can simply stow it away.

Xiaomi HIMO E-bike Transport

According to the manufacturer, charging the battery is sufficient for a distance of 50 km. The maximum speed is 20 km/h; a 250 W motor ensures this. Information about speed and battery status can be read on a small LCD display on the handlebars. According to Xiaomi, charging the 6000 mAh battery should take 6.5 hours. Apparently, both a supporting function of the electric motor and fully automatic driving is possible.

As usual, the bike will only be sold in China for the time being. It is quite possible that you will then be able to import the bike to Germany via the well-known shops. When the time comes, you’ll find out here, of course. Another question, however, is whether the bike will get a road license – that is anything but safe. The e-scooter already available from Xiaomi is also not permitted on German roads.

Basically an exciting product, which only the price makes attractive. What’s your opinion? Do you ride an electric bike and would such a bike be basically interesting for you?

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Comments (13)

  • 18.07.18 um 22:48


    Can this bike be ordered for delivery to Alberta , Canada ?

  • 20.07.18 um 09:35

    Maike Editorial staff

    as we are not a shop, you would have to have a look on the shop pages we link directly. Every shop has different delivery options 🙂

  • 23.07.18 um 06:45


    @Maike: how to get this

    • 24.07.18 um 13:10

      Maike Editorial staff

      @lakshmi at the moment the bike is only available on youpin (link in the article). We will update the article when it’s available elsewhere

  • 30.07.18 um 08:21


    There needs to be one that has folding capacity in middle to be allowed on buses in storage compartment of buses in Australia. Thx.

  • 30.07.18 um 12:47

    Aparna Sutradhar

    Can you please deliver it to Lucknow, India? And if yes, then how much will it cost along with doorstep delivery?

    • 31.07.18 um 09:30

      Maike Editorial staff

      @Aparna Sutradhar, as we are not a shop we do not deliver anything anywhere. You’ll have to look on the shop pages we link in our articles 🙂

  • 06.09.18 um 18:04


    We can buy from Gearbest.com,for INR 37500/ but a question is airport authorities will allow battery to see hip to india

  • 10.09.18 um 16:52

    Kenneth McCarty

    This is awesome. It is practicall in so many ways. The small design is great the price is perfect and the bikes functions are ideal all the way around. I say it’s a hit

  • 09.10.18 um 17:48


    Can it be ordered for delivery to Victoria Australia?
    Total cost delivered to door incl GST?

  • 09.10.18 um 17:52


    Can this bike be ordered for delivery to Victoria, Australia?
    Total cost delivered plus GST please?

    • 11.10.18 um 10:15

      Maike Editorial staff

      as we are not a shop, you would have to have a look on the shop pages we link directly. Every shop has different delivery options 🙂

  • 25.02.19 um 22:55

    Jan Roger Krøgli Larsen

    janroger26@gmail.com Can this bike be orderd for delivery to norway

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