Xiaomi HIMO T1 E-scooter with up to 120 km range announced

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Electronic mails have been around for some time, electronic bicycles, scooters and skateboards are becoming more and more popular. The big catchword: e-mobility. The Xiaomi HIMO T1 E scooter is much more than just a last mile gadget, it offers a range of up to 120 km.

Xiaomi HIMO T1 electric scooter

  • Xiaomi HIMO T1
    • not yet available

A modern scooter

At first glance, the HIMO T1 looks like a very modern version of a classic moped, as we know it from manufacturers like Puch or Piaggio. It is also clearly recognizable as the successor of the HIMO e-bike. The two tires are 90 mm wide and 8 mm thick, the actual rims are of course left out. In contrast to an electric scooter like the Ninebot ES1, the advantage of this electric scooter is of course the seat, which offers space for one person. Considering the price, Xiaomi will probably use a kind of plastic body, which is available in white, black and red.

It is noticeable that the T1 is also equipped with pedals. This could mean that the HIMO T1 E-scooter has to be “stepped on” for a short time before the engine grips. In principle, that’s how it works with electric scooters.

Xiaomi HIMO T1 E-scooter rear wheel
In the back is the drum brake, but of course also a luggage carrier.

Apropos motor: this is a 350W motor, which is driven by a 14.000 mAh battery. But the maximum speed is about 25 km/h. But there are probably two different versions, one with 14Ah and one with 28Ah. By the battery one can come depending upon version on a maximum range of 120 km, the normal model offers nevertheless a range of 60 kilometers. The manufacturer also relies on an intelligent battery management system.

Xiaomi HIMO T1 E-scooter light

To reduce speed, Xiaomi uses a dual-brake system. A disc brake is installed at the front and a drum brake at the rear. The braking distance is given as 4.5 meters. In the front there are hydraulic shock absorbers. To ensure visibility in road traffic, the Xiaomi HIMO T1 E-scooter is equipped with a headlight at the front, which should shine up to 15 m far.

The necessary extras

But Xiaomi wouldn’t be Xiaomi if you didn’t at least install a display. This is located in the handlebar and is light-sensitive, the brightness probably adapts to the ambient light. The T1 is easy to start with the push of a button and also offers a multifunction button that can probably be used to switch through information on the display. There are also function keys for the light, the horn and a parking mode.

Xiaomi HIMO T1 E-Roller Display

The luggage carrier above the rear tyre is of course used to transport your shopping safely from A to B. The rear tyre is equipped with a rear rack. However, this can still be done with a basket that can be attached to the front with a click system. Whether this is included in the price or has to be purchased separately, we can’t say at the moment.

Xiaomi HIMO T1 E-Roller Basket


An import would cost something, but the price of 2999 Yuan in China is with $443 (!) more than attractive. The E-Scooter is currently still in crowdfunding, but the goal has already been more than achieved. No wonder, after all it is a practical electric scooter with good performance at an unbeatable price.

Would you drive such an electric scooter?

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Comments (20)

  • Profile picture from Greig Niles
    # 09.05.19 um 13:31

    Greig Niles

    With a maximum speed of 25 km/h it would be completely useless on the road. You must be able to keep up with the other traffic otherwise you would create traffic chaos. Maximum speed must be at least 80km/h

  • Profile picture from Luis Cafferatta
    # 09.05.19 um 13:51

    Luis Cafferatta

    Agreed with other comment, at 25km an hour one might as well be on a bicycle. I do like the appearance of the scooter.

  • Profile picture from Paige
    # 09.05.19 um 20:59


    I would use it as a rv scooter at various camp grounds .. to run to the store and such would be to slow for where I live .

  • Profile picture from sexy santa baby
    # 13.05.19 um 16:06

    sexy santa baby

    Nice one …put phone in basket…ok

  • Profile picture from petra fera
    # 17.05.19 um 12:34

    petra fera

    I want one…HOW am I to get one…???

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 20.05.19 um 10:43

      Maike CG team

      @petra fera the bike is still in its crowdfunding phase, therefore it is not yet available in the china shops. We will update the article as soon as we know something new 🙂

  • Profile picture from petra fera
    # 17.05.19 um 12:35

    petra fera

    Oooo so nice and spiffy…

  • Profile picture from Pussilicker69
    # 17.05.19 um 22:41


    Can anyone run faster or keep in speed with this scooter

  • Profile picture from GIRIVASU
    # 19.05.19 um 07:31


    I liked this e bike. I am from india. I want import this bike. How to import . Please advise

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 20.05.19 um 10:44

      Maike CG team

      @GIRIVASU when the bike is available in the china shops, we will update this article with links where to buy it. If there are any problems with shipping to india, you'll have to contact the shop directly.

  • Profile picture from Pazuzu
    # 22.05.19 um 20:18


    For shure! I

  • Profile picture from derick
    # 25.05.19 um 00:17


    I am in a growing boom town in sweeny Texas. In between Phillip's 66 petrol plant and tennarris plant. I would love an opportunity to sale these to all these folks around here. If the electric scooter company wants alot of sales and a Texas partner . I got plenty of land and would make many sales.

  • Profile picture from Gabe Shirkey
    # 27.05.19 um 04:49

    Gabe Shirkey

    I love it. How much.? How do I get one?

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 28.05.19 um 10:31

      Maike CG team

      @Gabe Shirkey the bike is still in its crowdfunding phase, therefore it is not yet available in the china shops. We will update the article as soon as we know something new ?

  • Profile picture from cdosrunwild
    # 30.05.19 um 05:50


    25 is to slow city traffic is about 30-35-40

  • Profile picture from Robin miller
    # 27.07.19 um 22:19

    Robin miller

    Starting a moped rental on beach. Think they would hold up

  • Profile picture from Barry booth
    # 10.10.19 um 11:59

    Barry booth

    Where can I buy one thanks

  • Profile picture from fei
    # 19.11.19 um 07:43


    @Jayjay Medeiros can u out run foot petrol cop???

  • Profile picture from Matthew dixon
    # 09.03.21 um 14:18

    Matthew dixon

    How Do I get a scooter

  • Profile picture from Markinz
    # 12.05.22 um 17:46


    Where we can buy spare parts of this like lcd display or motherboard controller etc.!

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