Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health Tester: Urine analyzer with app support

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Whenever we think that Xiaomi really does everything by now, the Chinese add one more thing. After the Xiaomi AI Translator, now also with the Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health Tester. A device that could make one or two visits to the doctor obsolete in the future. But how?

Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health Tester

Just a pregnancy test?

The answer’s in the name: HiPee. The appearance has already reminded us of a pregnancy test, the way it works confirms our impression. For the Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health Tester to work, it requires urine. Therefore it is also equipped with an IPX7 rating and is therefore waterproof. Apparently you still have to urinate on a test strip, which the device then reads out. Practical use is also possible thanks to the compact design. With a length of 18.3 cm and a weight of 40 g, the device can of course also be used on the road.

Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health Tester size

Doctor Xiaomi

But what exactly does the HiPee do? Inside, there are a total of eight high-precision sensors that measure different values in the urine. A total of 14 tests can be performed, including blood sugar, protein, PH value or leukocyte count. Thanks to the WiFi module integrated in the HiPee, the device sends these values to the corresponding app on your smartphone; hence the “smart” in the name. The app then appears to evaluate the data and provide information as to whether there may be a disease of the liver or kidney. The operation takes place however probably only over the single Button, which is above the display and over the pertinent App.

Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health App
The data can then be read out using the app.

But we also ask ourselves how the very sensitive data is stored. In the Mi-Cloud? Of course you should have the possibility to save the data locally at most. Of course, a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 also collects data, but weight, size and number of steps are somewhat more irrelevant than the number of leukocytes. We also have serious doubts as to how precisely the Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health Tester can really test the urine and make correct diagnoses. According to the product page, the accuracy is on a par with China’s top 3 hospitals – we leave that uncommented for once.

Xiaomi HiPee Test
The Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health Tester even comes with a Red Dot Design Award.

Better than seeing a doctor?

The Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health Tester is a useful idea in many areas. However, we still think that relying on a $60 gadget instead of consulting a doctor is not a very good idea. As a substitute for a trained physician one should probably not see the HiPee Tester, but at most to recognize tendencies and to reach the next level of self-optimization. The product is not yet final and is in the crowdfunding phase on Xiaomi’s platform.

What do you think of the Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health Tester? Is Xiaomi going a step too far here?

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Comments (6)

  • Profile picture from scotty
    # 07.06.18 um 03:27


    Needs to have a drug test strip and read out

  • Profile picture from madlymad86
    # 08.06.18 um 11:42


    They shouldn't invent the portable drug tests ?

  • Profile picture from sk8tertill
    # 21.06.18 um 22:08


    Does it test for drug's

  • Profile picture from adurr78
    # 24.06.18 um 04:40


    Anything that helps to monitor a person's health is always a good idea. If course once a doctor gives you a healthy diagnosis, I think this would help to maintain and keep an eye out for any changes.

  • Profile picture from bellamitsop
    # 01.07.18 um 10:54


    Carnt waite to see it out

  • Profile picture from CmyLaceThong
    # 02.01.20 um 04:48


    Quit doing drugs and you dont have to worry about it

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