Xiaomi Mi Band 7: Leaks point to larger display, AoD, GPS & smart alarm clock

Like every year, a new offshoot of the Mi Band series awaits us in 2022. The first (possible) details about Xiaomi’s Mi Band 7 have now surfaced. These include an enlarged screen and battery, an always-on display, a smart alarm clock, and possibly even GPS.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Farben-e1617004509496
The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 in all its official colors.

The info so far comes from the Zepp app and the CEBEC database (Belgian safety label). Behind the Zepp app is the manufacturer Huami, which has its own Amazfit brand as well as produces the Mi Band series for Xiaomi. As in the past, the French site dug through the code and found out quite a bit. While the predecessor was officially called “Mi Smart Band 6“, there is now talk of the “Xiaomi Smart Band 7“. As with the smartphones and many other products, Xiaomi is now dropping the “Mi” suffix. However, we will continue to call it Mi Band 7, at least for the time being.

Larger display with always-on function

Two details about the display can be gleaned from the code. First, it will probably have a resolution of 192 x 490 pixels. For comparison, the Mi Band 6 has a resolution of 152 x 486 pixels. Since an increased resolution has always been accompanied by a larger display in the Mi Band series so far, we can infer a slightly wider but hardly longer or higher display. The aspect ratio is 1:2.55, which can already be seen in the first watchfaces of the Mi Band 7.

Furthermore, two Always-on-Display watchfaces could already be found and the following passage can be found in the code:

“Always On Display
When this function is enabled, the Always On Display shows the appropriate style of the current dial.
When this feature is enabled, the display will show the time when the screen is off, greatly reducing battery life. Enable this function?”

So, depending on the style of the actually selected watchface, an analog or digital AoD is displayed.

More app icons & workout modes

Nothing really seems to have changed in terms of supported emojis compared to the Mi Band 6, so there are probably 303 emojis displayed directly on the band. Here is the overview of the Mi Band 6:

More has been done in notifications, so 126 app icons can now be found in the app data. Strangely, WhatsApp is still missing. However, since there was already a corresponding icon in the Mi Band 6, I strongly assume that it is also present in the Mi Band 7.

The different sports modes have also already appeared in the app resources. Assuming they are final, the Mi Band 7 supports 166 sports modes! The predecessor “only” has 30 of them. Everything from ballet to polo to tap dancing seems to be covered here.

Smart alarm clock, GPS & larger battery

Unfortunately, there are no nice pictures of the next features, but only text excerpts from the app code. We are talking about a smart alarm clock, which the competition from Honor and Co. has offered for a long time. The feature is very popular among some users and a long overdue addition.

“Intelligent Alarm, Intelligent Wake Up.
When this feature is enabled, your watch calculates the optimal time to wake you from light sleep within 30 minutes before the set alarm. This simulates a natural wake-up and prevents you from feeling sleepy after being awakened from deep sleep. If the optimal time cannot be calculated, the watch will wake you up at the set time.”

Further in the text, there are hints about GPS support. To be honest, I am very skeptical here, since the inclusion of GPS would probably make the fitness tracker more expensive and put it in direct competition with its own Redmi Watch 2 Lite.

“AGPS Expired
All satellites
GPS + Galileo
Positioning combination: specifies a combination of satellites used for positioning in training. The more satellites used, the more accurate the positioning and the higher the power consumption. Try to use more satellites if the positioning accuracy is not good. (All positioning combinations use QZSS at the same time).
Satellite Search: Sets the preference for faster search speed or higher positioning accuracy for satellite search.
The current satellite search is slow. Connect to the app for an automatic AGPS update.”

On the other hand, different satellite combinations are mentioned here, which actually only makes sense when the device supports all these systems itself. If GPS would only be possible in connection with the smartphone, we would probably only be talking about A-GPS, since the band or the Zepp app does not know which satellite systems are supported by the currently used cell phone. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here, I’m not an app developer after all 😁.

The Mi Band 7’s native GPS support is also supported by the fact that the battery seems to be larger, since GPS tracking is one of the biggest battery guzzlers in fitness trackers and smartwatches. The tracker has already been included in the Belgian CEBEC database and a battery capacity of 250 mAh is specified there. Thus, the battery of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 would be twice as big as that of the predecessor.

Last but not least, there is also talk of a new energy-saving mode that can extend the runtime at the expense of the functions. Then you only have the time, steps and sleep, but you can at least bridge the time until recharging.

” Power Saving, Ultra Power Saving, Battery Saving Mode.
When battery saving mode is enabled, the band records only steps and basic sleep information.
Press and hold the screen to exit battery saving mode.”

Price & Presentation

Nothing is known about the price or launch date yet. The Mi Band 6 was unveiled in China last year on March 29, was available from April 2, and then came to Europe on April 30. A launch in 3 to 7 weeks would therefore be quite conceivable. What do you guys say about the possible upgrades on the Xiaomi Mi Band 7? Does this series need GPS or should that be left to the other trackers?

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