Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth speaker for $44.99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

We came across the new Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth speaker (XMYX02JY) by chance at TomTop in search of new and exciting gadgets. Finally a new speaker from Xiaomi, with Bluetooth 5 and USB-C. To our surprise, it even comes with CE certification and English user manual for the European market! We simply ordered it.

Technical data

NameXiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker XMYX02JY
Driver52 mm speaker with 5 Watt
Frequency range20-20.000Hz
ConnectivityBluetooth 5
Battery capacityn/a up to 8 hours play time
Weight373,2 g
Dimensions73 x 73 147 mm
IP protection class IP55
Bluetooth ProfileAVRCP, A2DP, HFP
Audio CodecSBC

Packaging and scope of delivery

The Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker comes in a plain white cardboard box. Next to a product photo of the speaker, you’ll find a small Mi logo and Bluetooth 5.0 lettering on the front. On the left and right sides, three functions or technical features are listed along with a small logo. On the back you’ll find the full technical specifications of the speaker – in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and, of course, English.

Inside the carton is the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker itself, a USB-C charging cable and a user manual. As with the Earfun Go and Tribit XSound Go, there is no jack cable included. Spoiler: The new Xiaomi Speaker doesn’t have a jack plug!

Design and finish

The Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is based on the design of the Mi Speaker 2, again using a cylindrical design with a height of 14.7 cm and a diameter of 7.3 cm.

In terms of color it is kept in a chic shade of grey, but to my surprise there is no prominently placed Mi logo. Only the loop in Xiaomi orange, which is attached to the back, lets the trained technical nerd eye recognize the manufacturer.

While the upper side and the first 1.5 centimetres of the body are made of ABS plastic, the rest of the body is covered with a textile fabric. This reminds me a bit of the cover of the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker.

The Xiaomi Mi outdoor speaker is rubberized on the bottom side and has a non-slip stand. Here you will also find the CE mark, a small manufacturer logo and also a control button.

Personally, I like the new Xiaomi Mi outdoor speaker visually quite well. I like the fact that the speaker is virtually unbranded at first glance, which in my opinion matches the simple but elegant appearance of the Bluetooth Box. In comparison to Tribit XSound Go or Earfun Go, I’d rather put the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker on a shelf.

In terms of workmanship and the materials used, I have nothing to complain about with the new Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker. There are no production or material defects, very good!

Sound of the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker XMYX02JY

Loudspeaker architecture

I must admit that the technical specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor speaker disappoint me a little. It is only equipped with a 52 mm speaker with 5 watts. In addition, there are at least two passive radiators, which are supposed to give the sound more depth.

Wait, 360° sound and only one speaker? I was a bit surprised at first, but in practice it provides a better or more “real” 360° sound than the Tribit Stormbox or the Earfun UBOOM, for example.

The loudspeaker is oriented downwards and on the one hand uses a large part of the body as a pressure chamber. On the other hand, the sound escapes through a cavity between the underside and the loudspeaker, making the sound equally audible from all directions with consistent quality. A clever solution that I have never seen before with a Bluetooth loudspeaker.

Sound characteristics

In practice, I think the 360° sound is good in itself and the sound experience is always the same, no matter from which direction you look at the speaker, but a comparatively small 5 watt speaker can’t work wonders either.

So the sound of the Xiaomi Mi outdoor speaker is thin, in keeping with its performance. The performance in the high frequencies is quite solid and in the upper midrange also quite good. But even vocals sound thin and lack volume and depth.

In the bass range the bass is at best hinted at and it’s practically only possible to guess how the frequencies should actually sound.

Compared to the even smaller Xiaomi AI Mini Speaker, the midrange and bass are of course better. However, this speaker is also available for about ~$15. In terms of price the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker is in a league with the Tribit XSound Go and the Earfun Go, sometimes even more expensive than these.

Comparing the three speakers with each other, Earfun Go and XSound Go perform better not only on paper. The two speakers, which are available for ~$25 depending on the offer, offer much more volume in the midrange than the Xiaomi Mi outdoor speaker.

Personally, I like the bass better, too; XSound Go and Earfun Go can reproduce frequencies where the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor speaker has long reached its limits.

Bluetooth range & connections

The Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with the current Bluetooth 5 standard and is supposed to reach a range of up to 10 meters. We were able to confirm this value in the test on free space.

The Bluetooth module’s performance is somewhat below average indoors. The connection remains stable within a room, but if obstacles come between them, connection dropouts occur.

Just like Soundcore in the new Flare 2, the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker also does without a jack plug. Thus, it’s unfortunately not possible to use the loudspeaker wired. It’s a pity that the trend of omitting the jack socket now seems to be moving in on the Bluetooth speakers as well. The built-in USB-C charging port is hidden behind a small rubber cap on the back of the speaker.


After unpacking, the already mentioned top side made of ABS plastic turned out to be not only a design element but also a volume control! We already know it from the Tronsmart T6 Plus. In practice, the knob works very well; it changes the volume reliably and gives a clear haptic feedback.

In fact, there is only one other button besides the knob. The on/off button is located on the bottom. This is equipped with further functions:

  • Play/Pause: press briefly.
  • Accepting/ending a call: press briefly
  • To mute a call: press twice

It’s nice that Xiaomi has implemented at least a few features, but I’m personally annoyed that I can’t change the title with the speaker. In addition, the position on the bottom is very bad for comfortable operation.

Battery and runtime

Xiaomi unfortunately does not give any exact information about the battery capacity of the Mi Outdoor Speaker, only the runtime is estimated at 8 hours. We could roughly confirm this in repeated tests at a volume of 50 – 70%.

The recharging process via the USB-C port took about two hours. Depending on what kind of adapter you use, it can go a bit faster or slower.


All in all, the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker (XMYX02JY) is a well-rounded product. I personally like the simple design, which does without a conspicuous branding, and the impeccable workmanship.

Unfortunately the usability is limited and cumbersome compared to other Bluetooth boxes. I am also not sure whether omitting an AUX connection is not a mistake. Although I personally hardly use it, it is still a limitation in the area of functionality.

The price of ~$35 is not very high for a Bluetooth speaker, but for the same money you get much better sound quality for your money with the Earfun Go or the Tribit XSound Go. Therefore I would personally prefer this to the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker, in my opinion it is only something for Xiaomi fans or design lovers.

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