Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S vacuum robot: now available for $452.99

Xiaomi’s sales and crowdfunding platform “Youpin” is always worth a visit when you are looking for new products from the Chinese tech giant. Now a model has emerged that should make the hearts of many vacuum robot users beat faster: In 2016, the Mi Robot from Xiaomi was the gadget par excellence and found rave sales. Now a successor is in the starting blocks. We have all information about the new Mi Robot 1S.

Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S vacuum robot design

Technical data: Comparison with predecessor and RoboRock T6

Mi Robot 1S Xiaomi Mi Robot RoboRock T6
Suction power 2000 pa 1800 pa 2000 pa
Noise level n.a. 67 dB n.a.
Battery 5200 mAh 5200 mAh 5200 mAh
Dust chamber/water tank 0.42 l/ no wiping function 0.42 l/no 0.48 l/ 0.16 l
Working time 2.5 h 2.5 h 2.5 h
Weight 3.8 kg 3.8 kg 3.6 kg
Dimensions 34.5 x 34.5 x 9.6 cm 34.5 x 34.5 x 9.6 cm 35.3 x 35.0 x 9.6 cm
Inclinations 15°, up to 2 cm 15°, up to 2 cm 25°, over 2 cm with larger tyres
  • Laser room measurement
  • Room division (single and multi-room cleaning)
  • Card storage of several floors
  • mapping
  • Voice control via Xiaomi AI Speaker
  • carpet detection
  • Laser room measurement
  • room arrangement
  • mapping
  • carpet detection
  • Laser room measurement
  • Room division (single and multi-room cleaning)
  • Card storage of several floors
  • wipe function
  • mapping
  • Voice control via Xiaomi AI Speaker
  • carpet detection

As can already be seen from the technical data: The differences to the first generation are greater than expected. In fact, the Mi Robot 1S is rather an internal competitor to the newly announced RoboRock T6. Let’s take a closer look at the differences below.

Mi Robot 1S: Optimization of the 1st generation?

When you first look at the vacuum robot, you get the impression that Youpin is simply an offer for the first generation of successful Xiaomi/RoboRock vacuum robots. A closer look reveals a kind of black lens on the top of the unit. This is an extension of the sensor range. With this optical sensor, the Mi Robot 1S should be able to detect doors, passageways and the like much more accurately and to orient itself even better in the four walls.

Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S Vacuum Robot Sensors
On the upper side there is an optical sensor that helps to detect doors, for example.

On the laser distance sensor (LDS) on the upper side, the Mijia logo can be seen, and the robot is therefore part of the Mijia product range. The manufacturer RoboRock, who has been involved in the development of all Xiaomi models so far, will have been active here again.

Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S Vacuum robot LDS
The laser distance sensor is also involved as usual.

So far, however, nothing of a wipe function can be read, so one would like to maintain this as a unique selling point of the more expensive models.

Individual working times for each room

Using the laser distance sensor, the 1S scans the premises and creates – as known from the other robots – a map, which is displayed in the “Xiaomi Home App” (freshly renamed). An innovation of the recently introduced RoboRock T6 is also included here: The Mi Robot 1S automatically divides the captured rooms into different living areas. Individual working hours can be planned for each of these rooms (e.g. living room at 9:30 a.m., kitchen at 12:20 p.m.).

Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S Vacuum robot Room layout
Like the new RoboRock T6, the Mi Robot 1S automatically divides the rooms.

Like its predecessors, the 1S comes with a brush head on the underside, the individual parts and accessories should be compatible with those of the other models – as has always been the case. This means that owners of another Xiaomi vacuum robot can apply their purchased accessory packages directly to the new model and don’t have to buy new ones.

Improvement (not only) compared to the first generation

If you look at the RoboRock T6 as an optimized RoboRock S50, you can look at the 1S as an optimized Mi Robot. However, the 1S has strong features that should also make the T6 a new top model (see comparison table above). The improvements of the Mi Robot 1S in the short overview:

  • Time-controlled single and multi-room cleaning
    • with automatic room partitioning
  • Card storage of several floors
  • more powerful Quad-Core Cortex A35 processor from ARM
  • optical sensor for more precise orientation in the household
Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S vacuum robot SLAM algorithm
Inside, an AI and the SLAM algorithm (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) work.

Especially surprising is that Xiaomi has programmed the killer feature of the newly announced RoboRock T6 into the Mi Robot 1S. The card storage of several floors as well as time-controlled single and multi-room cleaning were just as unlikely in the new model as the new model itself. The exact differences to the T6 will have to wait and see, as the technical data of the software would otherwise speak for the new 1S, which will probably be much cheaper than the T6.

Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S Vacuum Robot Technology
Packed with new, powerful software: The Mi Robot 1S attacks at the top.

Once the maps have been saved, the 1S should be able to gradually optimize the routes, which can be found in rudimentary form in some other models in the software package.

Outlook: The new top model?

The crowdfunding price is 1999 Yuan ($297), experience shows that the crowdfunding target on Youpin will be reached within a very short time. First the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S will definitely be released in China, when the robot will be available in this country, the next weeks have to show.

Of course, it remains to be seen how well the new features will work in practice and whether the guide value of the current price will prove to be true. In fact, Xiaomi has not yet disappointed us in the field of vacuum robots and has always strongly implemented the announced functions. The RoboRock T6 is still in the pipeline, as soon as it is possible we will of course secure corresponding test models. Until then we will update this article continuously and keep you up to date.

What do you think of the new Mi Robot 1S? Strong or annoyed by the many new releases?

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