Xiaomi introduces Mi Robot Pro vacuum robot with 3D recognition & X-CrossAI

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Xiaomi’s mega launch event clearly focuses on smartphones like the Mi 11 Ultra, but smart home products are also presented. In addition to a washing machine, the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi also teased a new robot vacuum cleaner in advance. Here you can read what the new 3D model is all about.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Launch Design

3D detection of small obstacles

Why did Xiaomi advertise with this picture, where you could hardly see anything yet?

Xiaomi Mega Launch Event
This is how Xiaomi teased the new model.

Because what you could already see reveals the most exciting factors. The typical Xiaomi laser turret on the top includes a laser distance sensor (LDS), which is what the new robot will mainly use to navigate. This is combined with the novel 3D obstacle detection, as shown by the two lenses below.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro vacuum robot launch 3D detection of small obstacles
TOF, aka “Time of Flight”, is a distance measurement method for detecting distances.
Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro Vacuum Robot Launch Camera Lenses 3D Detection
The two camera lenses make 3D detection of small obstacles possible.

3D obstacle detection is currently the most technically exciting technology in vacuum robotics since the Deebot Ozmo T8. Qihoo 360 will soon follow suit with the S10, and Xiaomi already has a robot with 3D detection on the market with the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro+. However, this did not convince us in the test, especially not compared to the state of the art at Ecovacs. Now Xiaomi attacks again in this sector.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro vacuum robot launch difficulties obstacle detection
Typical robot vacuum problem areas: Cables, chair legs and carpets.

LDS-3D combination allows the Mi Robot to navigate optimally in theory. The LDS scans the space around it, and the camera lenses (which don’t take photos or videos) take care of everything the LDS can’t detect. As there are cables, socks, shoes, chair legs, the bathroom scale, etc.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro vacuum robot Launch 3D detection cable
The cable detection is a helpful feature.

Evades carpets with wiping function

Through its camera lenses, the new Xiaomi flagship model is said to be able to dodge carpets if you have attached the wipe function on the bottom.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro vacuum robot launch carpet detection
Dodging carpets with a wipe function? That has a future.

But that’s not all: unlike all previous models, the robot can not only independently divide rooms and draw them on the virtual map, but even distinguish between the different types of rooms! For example, it can recognize a bed as a bed and then knows that it is in the bedroom. He marks this accordingly by means of an icon on the map.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro Vacuum Robot Launch Home App Mapping
On the virtual map in the Xiaomi Home app, the robot can even determine rooms itself.

In addition, there is a suction power of a whopping 4000 pa (comparison new Roborock S7: 2500 pa), a 5200 mAh (working time was not yet mentioned at the launch event) and a 0.55 l dust chamber (average).

Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro vacuum robot launch
Presumably, the robot will also be available in white.


It is still unclear when the round household helper will be available for purchase in this country. However, it will most likely be released here as well. In China, the robot will cost 2999 yuan at launch, which is ~390€/$456. We can expect more here. It depends on how well the 3D recognition works now. First field reports will have to show this. If it is very sophisticated, the price is absolutely justified. However, if it is rather poor, as already the case with the Mop 2 Pro+, no one will be overjoyed.

The potential is definitely there, now it depends on the implementation. What is your first impression? We will keep you updated here as soon as there is news.

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