Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight for $19.99

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Xiaomi already launched a night light in their Mijia series, which could bring light into the darkness without Bluetooth, WiFi or other smart functions. The Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight, in cooperation with PHILIPS, is a slightly smarter version of the gadget that can even be used via app.

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight

Technical data

NameXiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight
Output Power0.3 W
Colour temperature2700 k
Weight150 g
Dimensions88 x 34 mm

Scope of delivery

In the relatively small packaging of the night light there is not really much. Beside the night light itself, the package contains a manual, a loop, an adhesive tape and two screws and dowels if you want to fix the night light to the wall with a screw.

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery: The night light itself also contains 3 AA batteries.

Please note that the manual is only available in Chinese. At least there is a QR-code printed in the manual, with which you can download the app either from the Google Playstore or Apple’s App-Store.

Processing the night light

The Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight light makes a really solid impression from the construction. There are no manufacturing defects and with dimensions of 88 x 34 mm it is almost as big as the Xiaomi Mijia night light without Bluetooth function. However, with a weight of 150 g it is a little more than twice as heavy as the previous night light model.

On the back there is a cap that you have to turn counterclockwise to open the battery compartment. There is room for three AA batteries in the battery compartment itself. Three batteries were already included in the scope of delivery of our test object. According to the manufacturer, the batteries have a life expectancy of up to ten months.

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED night light battery

The enclosed adhesive strip can be attached to the cap itself so that the night light can be stuck to walls. Due to the design, however, it is not possible to glue the entire surface. For the adhesive strip a surface is given.

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight Backside

While the previous model had a control switch inside the battery compartment, the BT night light has a button on the top. The button is only used to connect the gadget to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. You have to press the button for a few seconds.

The Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight in a practical test

The night light can be configured with the smartphone via Xiaomi’s Mi Home App. To be able to find the device in the first place, you have to change the region within the app to China. Once this is done, the night light can be controlled via mobile phone.

Within the app you can now choose between four ready-made scenes. With these the brightness and the duration of the delay is different depending on the scene. Via the upper sliders, one can also set user-defined how the night light should work.

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight App

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Night Light App Settings

According to the manufacturer, the device reacts to movement within a radius of 120 degrees and a distance of five to seven meters. In fact, the motion sensor of the Mijia night light worked very well. As soon as you are within range, the night light reacts to the slightest movement and responds quickly.

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Night Light in the Bathroom
The light in the photo looks brighter than it really is. Nevertheless, the brightness is perfectly sufficient!

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight in the Dark

With regard to brightness, it can be said that the light is barely sufficient to find its way around in the dark. It is very pleasant for the eye. Even if you are already used to the darkness, you are not dazzled.

Conclusion: Buy Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth LED Nightlight?

As expected, the small lamp worked perfectly in the test. It reacts quickly, doesn’t disturb the eye and illuminates the surrounding area enough to make it easy to find your way around. People with sensitive eyes can simply lower the brightness via the app.

Speaking of lowering: My only point of criticism is the missing recess on the back of the device, with which you can fix it to the wall with a screw. If necessary, you could hang it on a wall with the included loop, but it wouldn’t fit as tight as with a screw or the adhesive tape.

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