Xiaomi Mijia Electric air pump/compressor for $53.99

Last year we had already introduced a similar device: A compressor that is nothing more than an air pump. Only that it works electrically. Xiaomi now also has such a device in its portfolio, except that it’s supposed to be more compact, more beautiful and cheaper. Will that work?

Xiaomi Mijia electric air pump compressor bicycle tire

What is this gadget? “Electric air pump” is actually self-explanatory, you often find the term compressor. Compression generates compressed air in the compressor and you can inflate a bicycle tire, for example. According to the description, the pump produces between 0.2 and 10.3 bar or 3-150 PSI, which would be enough for bicycle tyres. Xiaomi states that one inflation takes three minutes. With a battery charge of the compressor (2,000 mAh) this should be possible up to eight times.

What makes Xiaomi different?

The idea is not new. The search for an “electric air pump” has produced hundreds of results at Amazon alone. But what makes Xiaomi better? Of course you want to convince with “style”. Where other devices look like cordless screwdrivers or other tools, the Mijia model looks like an iPod. The buttons sit in a ring, a display above serves as a display. There are no more details to be found on the matt black air pump, and in fact it can’t be recognized as such from the outside.

The only exception is the hose of the pump, which is normally plugged into the device in a u-shape with both ends. This looks a bit like a padlock. If you seriously want to award points for the design of an air pump: This pump would get the full score.

Xiaomi Mijia electric air pump compressor fittings
You don’t have to hang it on the dashboard right away, but it looks nice.

But more important is the size of the device. If you are travelling by bike and want to have the air pump in your backpack, it should take up very little space. Many electric pumps are bulky and have many additional small parts or can even only be operated with cables. However, there are also versions that are similarly compact and also run on battery power. But none of the models is as small as the Xiaomi device; without the hose, the dimensions are 124 x 71 x 45.3 mm. The hose also serves as a mounting bracket for the pump.

Xiaomi Mijia electric air pump compressor backpack

And the cost? Also the pump should be affordable again. At least in China this is still possible: 199 RMB, equivalent to about $30, costs it on xiaomiyoupin.com. We pay a little more again, from about $50. And there we are already in a price range, in which we get a comparable device elsewhere. Just the price doesn’t speak for Xiaomi.


Typical Xiaomi: A tool with which most people should not have a closer relationship becomes a designer product. But who really wants to show off his beautiful electric air pump? What counts here is functionality. An advantage might be the size, because at least the device is space-saving. However, the price has to fall a bit to make it a serious alternative to existing models. And last but not least, the gadget has to convince through performance: Does the battery live up to its promises and can bicycle and car (!) tyres be easily inflated with it? We try to get a test device ourselves and remain cautiously optimistic as long as we wait.

How do the cyclists among you see it? Would you use a pocket compressor or do you just pump by hand? And what would the device be worth to you?

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