Our favorites: Xiaomi Fishbone Sneaker 3 from $36.86

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Still one of our favourite models: the Xiaomi Fishbone Sneaker 3! At the moment you can get it from $36.86 on AliExpress.

We wouldn’t have guessed it last year either, but the Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker was very well received by us. Now Xiaomi has introduced a successor: the Xiaomi Mijia Sneaker 3. We ordered it and we really like the shoe again.

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone 3 Sneaker Silhouette

New, old look

A sneaker isn’t just a shoe anymore. Companies like Adidas and Nike have significantly increased the technical demands of a sneaker over the last few years. The Xiaomi Mi sports shoe 3 also consists of several layers. The upper material consists of an elastic mesh fabric and functions again as a “sock” in which you can slip. With the exception of the look, this generation does not differ from the previous generation. As with the “original” from Adidas, Xiaomi again integrates ventilation holes at the front of the toes.

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone 3 Sneaker Upper Material

The Fishbone 3 visually succeeds in following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the differences can be seen almost exclusively in small details. On the “shoehorn strap” at the heel, there are now a total of six small stripes in pyramid formation, which are probably intended to illustrate the third generation. The plastic element on the heel is slightly more present and shows the Mijia logo. At least with our test shoe we can unfortunately find small adhesive residues here. The plastic eyelets for the laces are somewhat thicker and appear more robust.

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone 3 Sneaker Heel Mijia Logo

FREE Force sole & popcorn cloud

The actual sole also consists of several parts. The ball of the foot is supported by the FREE Force sole, which is intended to cushion the foot particularly well during sporting activity. The heel is protected by a TPU plastic. The forefoot is supported by the “Popcorn Cloud”, which resembles the Boost material from Adidas. In contrast to the Freetie 3D, the material does not come from the 3D printer.

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 3 Sole Composition

Between the upper material and the composite sole there is a flexible PU midsole, which of course additionally cushions the foot. This is held together by the fishbone structure that gives the sneaker its name. Five plastic “bones” form the “frame” of the shoe, which holds the material together and protects the ankle.

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone 3 Sneaker Silhouette

The design is rounded off by a rubber sole on the underside, which naturally provides support. Xiaomi is again using the diamond design of its predecessor. The new Xiaomi Fishbone Sneaker 3 can also be laced again, which is indispensable for sports. And all this makes for a very comfortable shoe once again. The size 39 wearers can attest the Fisbone 3 the same or even slightly better comfort compared to its predecessor. The slightly thicker sole on the heel makes a significant contribution to this. In addition, the heel is a little better padded from the inside this time, at least in the upper area.

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 3 Comparison Sneaker 2

How does the Xiaomi Fishbone Sneaker 3 turn out?

As with its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone 3 sneaker is relatively true to size. In other words: Two people from the editorial staff with shoe size 39 get along well with the size 39 of the test shoe. Personally, I know this from similar Adidas shoes like the Ultra Boost Uncaged that I would tend to go for the larger size. Otherwise I wear a 45 1/3, because of the tight elastic “sock” I take a 46 there. If you are between two sizes, I would recommend the larger size. If you already have the predecessor, I would say that you can reach for the same size.

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone 3 Sneaker Running

This information refers only to our previous experience with the shoes. Feet are very different, general statements are difficult to make. It helps you and us the most if you share your experiences with the size of the sneakers in the comment area.

Eye for detail

Like the predecessor, you can see the small but fine details of the Fishbone Sneaker again. The Mijia logo on the plastic heel makes the Xiaomi Fanboy heart beat faster. The reflectors are also especially important for joggers. Here, for example, there is reflective material in the laces and on the heel to be seen by drivers even in the absence of light. However, these are exactly the same laces that were used in the predecessor.

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone 3 laces comparison

The new sneaker is also available in new colours. The black-and-white version is of course back at the start, but we also have a new bordeaux red and a grey Colorway with blue accents, which we also like very much. Which color do you choose?

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 3

Mijia Fishbone 3 Black

Conclusion: Buy Xiaomi Fishbone Sneaker 3?

Of course you could write more about the Xiaomi Mi Sports Shoes 3 aka Fishbone 3 Sneaker. But in the end it depends on how comfortable the shoes are. And these are the new sneakers in any case, maybe even more comfortable. Because actually not so much has changed. Especially the sole has been reworked and provides the corresponding comfort. Whether one must spend good $10 more for it? Not necessarily. One reason for buying is above all the additional colours, especially the Bordeux red looks good!

If you still have concrete questions to the shoe, off into the comments with it. We will of course continue to test the shoes in everyday life and keep you up to date if there is anything new.

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  • Profile picture from Robert T.
    # 15.09.19 um 17:55

    Robert T.

    Why is there no European size range for 47-48? I don't understand Chinese clothing manufacturers !

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 17.09.19 um 13:23

      Maike CG team

      @Robert T. I suppose that Asians just don't have such big feet, therefore it is unfortunately always hard to find shoes in big sizes

      • Profile picture from Kennard
        # 15.10.20 um 11:16


        I'm Asian and I'm an Euro 45 size. Also not available for me 😭

  • Profile picture from Guest
    # 29.10.19 um 07:16


    When is the global or India launch?

  • Profile picture from 1leg1der
    # 06.12.19 um 07:33


    Do you have any options for an amputee only in need for left sneaker ?

    • Profile picture from Hanna
      # 14.12.19 um 10:54


      Find a right footer in the same size as you.
      Probably look for Facebook groups or something.

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