Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 4 from $40.80/32,22€

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 4 are currently available from $40.80/32,22€ at AliExpress. Unfortunately, not all the sizes are available, but with restocking it might pay out to have a look at different times.

After the popular Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 3 and the probably even more popular second Fishbone Sneaker, Xiaomi’s sneaker series enters the fourth round. The Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 4 are lighter and more modern, but sneakerheads certainly remind of the big brands. We ordered them ourselves once and find that it is a successful further development.

More modern look

The Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneakers 4 show their tradition of the Fishbone-series again, even if they look more modern than the last generation. The “sock design” has remained the same by dispensing with a classic shoe tongue. Instead, Xiaomi relies on a flexible, close-meshed upper material that is breathable and adapts to the foot.

This is of course especially practical in the summer, but in autumn or in general when it rains, it unfortunately offers little protection against water. Only above the toes and on the tongue are the breathable holes a little larger, otherwise the upper material is very tightly woven. The silhouette reminds me of a mix of Adidas Alphabounce and Nike Epic React Flyknit 2.

Despite the sock design, there are still laces on the upper side of the shoe for fastening, which, unlike their predecessors, are not attached in plastic eyelets but in fabric eyelets. The length of the laces is in any case ok, but they could be a bit shorter for my taste. So I would personally tend to make a double knot. But you can also slip into the shoes just like that without having to untie the shoelaces, which I think is a clear advantage in everyday life.

The new Xiaomi sneaker is available in three colors: black, grey and light blue-red. In all cases the sole is white. We actually like our grey version a little bit better than on the photos. Xiaomi works here with color gradations of the light gray upper material at the heel, where the plastic elements are dark gray and gray. Black is actually only the rubber connecting element between the white popcorn sole and the grey plastic. A visual highlight is of course the Mijia logo on the heel.

From a purely personal point of view, this is my favourite sneaker from Xiaomi’s Fishbone range, especially since the Fishbone design has been implemented in a more subtle way. The Fishbone 4 really looks very modern and has also solved the plastic elements a bit better and more unobtrusive. In contrast to its predecessor, I can’t find any manufacturing flaws in our test model. Even I, as a long-time Adidas sneaker fan, have to say that I can’t see any differences in the quality of workmanship.

Xiaomi Fishbone Sneaker 4 colors
The three colors of the Fishbone Sneaker 4.

How does the Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 4 turn out?

If you already own a Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker, we can assume that you can reach for the same size in the fourth generation. The Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 4 is relatively true to size. Since every foot is different, it is not possible to make a 100% general statement. If you are between two sizes, i.e. if you have an intermediate size, you should rather choose the larger size, as the sock design and the flexible upper material adapt well to the foot, but don’t wear out too much. This is what I personally do with Adidas Ultraboost, where I always choose the 46 (12 US MEN) with a 45 1/3 (11 1/3 US MEN) foot size.

It helps the community if you post your experiences with the size in the comments. So everybody can form his own opinion. But the problem is still that these Xiaomi Fishbone Sneaker 4 is only available in sizes 39 (6 1/2 US MEN) to 44 (10 1/2 US MEN).

How comfortable is the Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 4?

As a sneaker in the year 2020 it is no longer enough to look like a sporty looking shoe, the shoe also needs the right “technology”. We have been comparing the Mijia Fishbone Sneaker with the Adidas Ultraboost models for quite some time. This is because the white popcorn sole imitates the famous Adidas Boost sole. On the Fishbone 4, it is slightly higher in the midfoot area, while the heel is slightly lower. Furthermore, unlike its predecessor, the sole is completely white and is not “interrupted” by a black element.

The heel stabilisation is now located above the sole, where it is combined with a PU layer to support the foot. The heel is also protected at the top at the height of the Achilles tendon by a well-lined fabric element.

The Fishbone Sneakers 4 are like their predecessors once again really comfortable, especially considering the price. This is mainly because Xiaomi cushions the kick in the heel. But here Xiaomi also tricks a bit. The sneaker inlay that comes with the sneakers is much thicker than the inlays on my private Ultraboost sneakers from Adidas. Therefore the cushioning of the shoe without insole is not as soft as e.g. the Adidas sneakers. Unfortunately this also means that you might have to do without some comfort when using your own insoles.

Xiaomi inserts a torsion element into the popcorn sole to maintain the natural movement of the foot. In combination with the heel stabilisation, this should enable you to walk on uneven ground without twisting. Thanks to the popcorn sole, the steps are cushioned and the torsion element allows a certain flexibility. Because of this and also because of the step cushioning, the Xiaomi Fishbone Sneaker 4 is also suitable for occasional sports activities. However, we would strongly advise you to buy more professional running shoes, especially for more intensive sports like jogging, and in the best case also to do a running analysis.

On the left: Adidas, Right: Xiaomi.

More Technology

Nevertheless, the shoe should be lighter than its predecessors. Also new: The manufacturer uses antibacterial material from Microban, which prevents the development of bad smelling bacteria – musty smell adé? Unfortunately, we won’t be able to test whether Xiaomi keeps its word here for a few weeks or months, once the shoes have been tested over a longer period of time.

The possibility of putting the shoes in the washing machine also contributes to this. Unfortunately, the included information sheet does not give any more precise details and we will spare you the Google Translate translation at this point. You should take a neutral detergent and set it to “room temperature”, so probably only 30°. You should also not wash it with other things, because the color can be washed out otherwise. Xiaomi also uses reflectors on the laces and the Mijia logo on the heel.


With the Xiaomi Fishbone Sneakers 4 you get not only a visual but also a technical upgrade. Microban technology to fight bacteria, a torsion element and the revised popcorn sole are really unique selling points for the price. I like the new look very much, in the meantime I like the slightly reduced colorways a bit more than the predecessor. The shoe is also well made, equipped with reflectors and, especially for its price, simply really comfortable, even if Xiaomi did a little trick with the insole here. All in all I can only recommend the sneaker, just like its predecessors, and not only for Xiaomi fanboys.

Apart from that, one could offer larger sizes, although this is apparently not very relevant for the Asian market. Do you want to buy the Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker 4 or do you already have it? Do you like the shoe?

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Comments (7)

  • Profile picture from fortgeorge
    # 08.04.20 um 16:29


    These shoes look nice but they never sell size 12. Does any quality company in China sell that size? I'd prefer Xiaomi, but…

    • Profile picture from Thorben
      # 09.04.20 um 10:32

      Thorben CG team

      @fortgeorge: Yeah, I have the same issue. Unfortunately we didnt review any other shoes from other companies yet, so we can't talk about the aspect of quality here. Maybe you can try FREETIE, which is also Xiaomi related. But I guess those sizes aren't necessary on the Asian market so I wouldn't get my hopes up.

    • Profile picture from Guest
      # 11.06.20 um 02:43


      You can get the first or second ones. They have the size 45. I'm also upset since I wanted to get the Sneakers 3 but they didn't make with that size, and neither the new ones, and my Sneakers 2 are really worn out now.

  • Profile picture from emilch83
    # 12.04.20 um 15:45


    Schade das gibt's keine Schuhe Nummer 45.

  • Profile picture from Kennard Khoo
    # 22.07.21 um 16:45

    Kennard Khoo

    Hey Thorben, thanks for the review. I normally wear EUR44.5 (Reebok), will this size EUR44 fit for me?

    • Profile picture from Thorben
      # 23.07.21 um 12:52

      Thorben CG team

      Hi Kennard, I would recommend to take the bigger size, unfortunately the Fishbone Sneaker 4 are only available up to EUR44. You could try it out, but it might just not be enough.

  • Profile picture from arfan
    # 28.02.23 um 04:57


    The are versatile enough to be worn with any outfit.

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