Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneakers: “Adidas Clone” for $34.29

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Resourceful readers of China-Gadgets have probably already noticed: Xiaomi does everything! This includes sneakers, namely the Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone sneakers, which remind us very much of the Adidas Ultraboost models. And yes, shoes are not a gadget per se. However, we would like to present the Mijia Sneakers here as an example to give you an overview of the Xiaomi product range.

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone sneakers in grey

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker Ultraboost Design

Since sneakers always follow a sporty approach, but are also absolutely suitable for everyday use, Xiaomi strives for exactly this balancing act here. The upper material consists of a mesh fabric, which in this case is very elastic and almost reminds of a sock. It gives way, fits a little tighter but nestles against the foot. This species has just made the Adidas brand popular in recent years and is now also being copied by other well-known manufacturers.

Nevertheless, the shoes can still be laced, which means that you can give your feet an even better hold in the shoe. Of course, this makes a lot of sense in sports.

Speaking of sports: If you are jogging outside, the reflective plastic elements on the shoe help you to be seen better. The model is named after this plastic. Due to its arrangement, it is roughly reminiscent of a fish skeleton – i.e. “Fishbone”.

It should also be mentioned that the heel is also supported by a cap. If you wear inlays: the insole can be removed.

Comfort & Sportability

Adidas uses the so-called “Boost” sole, which consists of over 2500 TPU granulated capsules, for current running shoes. Visually, this is strongly reminiscent of polystyrene. Xiaomi does not use this trend here, however, but uses a “classic” sports shoe sole. However, it is slightly thicker than usual and consists of several components. The majority of the sole is made of EVA, i.e. ethylene vinyl acetate, which has shock-absorbing properties. In addition, there is also a TPU and a PU layer. Under the foot there is a rubber layer which is non-slip.

Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker Sole

You can write a lot about a shoe, you just have to wear it. Our sneaker expert actually finds the shoes very comfortable, the thick sole definitely delivers the desired effect. Added to this is the promised, step-damping effect of the EVA sole. The sole gives way with every step, so Yoshi can imagine wearing it during sports or walking with it.

In addition, they are generally quite light and very true to size. With its shoe size 43, the Mijia Fishbone in size 43 fits perfectly. The stretchy upper material also comes in handy here, which naturally adapts well to the foot.

Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers

The Xiaomi Mijia Fishbone Sneaker is available in different colors: Carbon Grey, Sapphire Blue, Orange, White, White, Black and White. Interesting for fanboys: the Mijia/Mi Home logo on the verses!

Xiaomi Mijia Sneaker Mi Logo


Assessment – a real alternative

We really like the Fishbone Sneakers, we would have liked to criticize them a little more. But the entire workmanship and presentation is of high quality, we like the shoes visually and they are also comfortable. This actually fulfils the most important criteria. Especially in view of the price you get a good sneaker here.

Would you dress up with Xiaomi, too? And do you want to see more such products on the blog or not?

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  • Profile picture from Philip
    # 28.08.18 um 16:09


    I believe these shoes are made with a very lightweight person in mind.
    I am a big guy, I am far taller and I weigh twice as much as the average person. I wear 48 – 49 size shoes.
    All the mesh shoes I've tried cannot bear the weight of a person like me, especially when I'm running. They eventually tear where the fabric meets the sole…

  • Profile picture from Ansar
    # 28.08.18 um 16:50


    Also like to add Chinese people are small. Their extra large is a European medium

  • Profile picture from emilch83
    # 28.06.19 um 17:58


    @Philip: Then you need ASICS Gel running shoes.

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