Xiaomi Mijia K10 display battery vacuum cleaner with wipe function now available

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Xiaomi’s crowdfunding and sales platform is constantly promoting new products from Xiaomi’s ecosystem to the Chinese market. Unfortunately only to the Chinese market, without a residence in China, it is not possible to order there. Latest creation: The Mijia K10 cordless vacuum cleaner with display and wipe function. Sounds ingenious, it could even be. We took a close look at the vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi Mijia K10 cordless vacuum cleaner design

Technical data: Comparison to Mijia Handheld

Both the Mijia 1C and the Mijia handheld are cheap and look very similar. The Mijia handheld convinced us; accordingly, the new K10 has to compete with it.

Xiaomi Mijia K10

Xiaomi Mijia K10 cordless vacuum cleaner product image

Xiaomi Mijia Handheld

Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Suction power25,000 pa (150 AW)23,000 pa
Wipe functionYes, 0.25 l water tankNo
Operating Volumen. A.55-62 dB
Battery3000 mAh2500 mAh (not exchangeable)
Working time65, 30, 10 min. with ascending suction stage30 min. (6 min. on highest suction stage)
Charging timen. A.3-4 h
Dust chamber0.5 l0.4 l
Weight3,7 kg completely removed3,0 kg completely removed
Dimensions122,1 x 25,6 cm120 x 22 cm
CE markexpected yesyes
Suction stagesThreetwo

Xiaomi Mijia K10: A real Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

Dreame, Roidmi, Viomi, Jimmy, Shunzao … the list of possible subsidiaries or other partner companies in Xiaomi’s ecosystem that manufacture vacuum cleaners is long. Each brand addresses a specific price segment. Mijia, on the other hand, is 100% Xiaomi, not a subsidiary, partner company or co-financed company. Mijia is an absolute private brand Xiaomis.

Xiaomi Mijia K10 cordless vacuum cleaner suction power carpet
The Mijia K10 looks almost exactly like its predecessors.

The predecessor Mijia handheld could convince us in the test and is still highly recommendable today because of its price of around $120. The Mijia K10 is not only optically based on its predecessor, but also comes with a LC-Display. On this display information about the vacuum cleaner can be called up, such as battery status, error messages or the selected suction stage.

Xiaomi Mijia K10 cordless vacuum cleaner display
The display is very similar to the Dreame-models with built-in display.

The display is very similar to that of the Dreame T20, even though the controls are placed underneath instead of up and down. One button is used to change the suction level, the other to decide whether the trigger should be locked or unlocked. This means whether the trigger for activating the suction process should be kept pressed continuously or only pressed once.

Xiaomi Mijia K10 cordless vacuum cleaner Handheld vacuum cleaner
Of course, the K10 can also be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

High suction power and wipe function

The cyclone motor operates at 125,000 rotations per minute, which corresponds to the speed of the Dyson V11 Absolute motor. The suction power is said to be 25,000 pa, even higher than that of the Dyson flagship model, although the suction power is not always synonymous with actual household performance. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the Mijia K10 gets a lot out of carpets and, despite the soft roller on the floor nozzle not being specifically designed for carpets, it can be used well on carpets.

Xiaomi Mijia K10 cordless vacuum cleaner attachments
Through the vacuum tube and attachments you can also remove cobwebs from the ceiling.

The cordless vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi’s ecosystem are becoming more and more similar, displays and a wiping function more and more common. On Xiaomiyoupin, you can find product pictures of the Mijia K10 that show a wiping function. A 0.25 l water tank that can be magnetically attached to the floor nozzle makes it possible to vacuum and wipe in one go.

Xiaomi Mijia K10 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Water tank Wipe function
A magnetic water tank allows vacuuming and wiping in one pass.


At the launch price of 1299 Yuan (converted ~$193) the Mijia K10 will be launched in China – at first sight a strong price for a battery-powered vacuum cleaner with display, wipe function and high suction power. Unfortunately, as usual, you have to note that the Chinese launch price will differ from the European price later on. So you can expect the K10 to cost about $250 in the Chinese stores. When the K10 will make the leap to us in us is still unclear, but experience shows that Xiaomi does not hesitate to do so.

The exciting question from our point of view is: Will it be possible to use the wipe function clearly visible on the product pictures in this country? Will the water tank, which can be magnetically attached to the floor nozzle, be included in the scope of delivery when we purchase it in the China stores? The wiping function is being asked more and more often. Understandable, after all the user can do two annoying household chores in one go.

Why are we not really hot for the new vacuum cleaner? Because we’ve seen it all before somewhere at whatever Xiaomi related manufacturers. Sure, we like to look at the vacuum cleaner – especially with the water tank – but we’re not as excited about it as we were in the past with new Xiaomi models. And you?

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