Xiaomi Mijia Mop Pro Mop and Vacuum Robot with Rotating Mops

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Not only does Xiaomi have a brand-new battery-powered mop vacuum on the launch, but also a mop and vacuum robot. The Xiaomi Mijia Mop Pro has rotating mops and a water exchange station. A hot air drying system is also built into the station. The best mopping and vacuuming robot from Xiaomi?

Modified design

Until now, Xiaomi has mainly built round vacuum robots, but for the Xiaomi Mijia Mop Pro they have now added on. At the front of the robot vacuum cleaner is now an additional element. This makes the robot vacuum square, which is supposed to clean corners better.

Otherwise, it is the typical Xiaomi design. The charging station is also white and houses two water chambers.

Two water tanks & hot air drying

If you trust the product description, then the Xiaomi Mijia Mop Pro has an automatic replacement of its own water tank. Here, however, it could also be an unfortunate expression, because a proper device for this, I do not see. At the same time, however, the mops are cleaned and the waste water is fed into the tank provided for this purpose.

To prevent unpleasant odors or bacteria from developing, a 40 °C hot air drying system quickly ensures dried mops. The water tank is also protected from bacteria with the help of a built-in UV lamp.

On the charging station we still find a display, which gives status information and via which you can also perform a manual cleaning.

Rotating mops

The main feature of the new robot vacuum cleaner is the mopping function via two mopping mops, which are located on the back of the robot vacuum cleaner. These can rotate and thus exert more friction on the floor. This is supposed to give a better cleaning result than with the vibration wiping technology.

The vacuum robot navigates via laser space measurement. Unfortunately, there is no improvement in navigation via 3D detection. The suction power of 3000 pa is also quite common by now, but there is a large 256 mm main roller in return.

Of course, the integration into the Xiaomi Home app is also present. There, the usual functions like schedules, virtual walls and cleaning starts can be used remotely.


The Xiaomi Mijia Mop Pro could be a real alternative to manual mopping with its rotating mops. In combination with the station, it is hopefully also not too maintenance-intensive. Xiaomi’s new feature definitely seems to be hot air drying, which can also be found on the Xiaomi SuperThermal mopping cordless vacuum. In China, the sale currently starts for 2999 yuan (~401€/$470). We still have to wait for the import prices or a release outside of China.

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