Xiaomi Mijia night light with motion sensor for $13.99

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Without Bluetooth, without WiFi, but with motion sensor! The Xiaomi Mijia night light brings light into the dark – without any smart functions. You can find out how reliable the sensor technology works here.

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light

Technical data

NameXiaomi Mijia Night Light
Output Power0.25 mW
Brightness0.7 lm or 3.8 lm
Dimensions84 x 84 x 36 mm

Scope of delivery

In the small package of the Xiaomi Mijia Night Light you will find a user manual in English and Chinese, a wall mount, and the night light itself.

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light Scope of Delivery
The required AA batteries are not included in the accessories

Processing and design

The Xiaomi Mijia night light makes a solid impression on me, it is cleanly finished and has no manufacturing defects. With the dimensions of 84 x 84 x 36 mm and a weight of 72 grams, it can basically be attached anywhere.

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light on
In daylight, the night light only lights up immediately after the batteries have been inserted

On the back of the Xiaomi Mijia night light is a round adhesive surface with which the night light can be mounted without any other attachment.

Xiaomi Mijia night light adhesive mounting

If you don’t want to stick the night light directly on the wall or the cabinet, you can use the included bracket.

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light Bracket
Thanks to the relatively large hook, the night light can also be suspended freely from a hook

The battery compartment is opened by turning the back counterclockwise.

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light Battery Compartment
Three standard AA batteries make the light shine

There is a small switch in the middle. This can be used to change the brightness of the night light, with a choice of 0.7 lumen or 3.8 lumen – depending on personal preference.

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light Adjusting the brightness
Small and large sun symbol indicate which mode is active

According to the manufacturer, a runtime of six months in 3.8 lumen mode and twelve months in 0.7 lumen mode should be possible. How long the night light is switched on on average in this calculation is unfortunately not specified.

The Xiaomi Mijia night light in practical test

As soon as it is dark in a room, the night light sensor reacts to movements in a radius of 120° at a distance of up to 7 meters. How precisely the sensor reacts also depends on the speed of the movements.

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light in Test

In the test, as expected, the night light worked perfectly and came on reliably as soon as it was dark in the room. When aligning the small lamp, however, you should make sure that it is not placed in the direction of the bed. There is a risk that it will be switched on unintentionally by movements during sleep.


If you are looking for a small lamp to show the way at night or to light up your closet in the morning, the Xiaomi night light is the right choice. With the brightness setting of 0.7 lumens or 3.8 lumens, the lamp is not unpleasantly bright immediately after getting up. It prepares one in the case of the fall gently for the ceiling lamp or also the sun 😀 .

The only point of criticism I see is the missing recess for a screw fastening. You can also use the adhesive holder, but this is not very nice.

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