Xiaomi Mijia Nightlight 2: With motion sensor & 360° magnetic base for $13.12

The first generation Xiaomi Mijia Nightlight is perhaps one of the more unexciting, but definitely one of the most useful Xiaomi gadgets. At least some of our editors have put it on a wall at home. Meanwhile there is already the second generation. With the Xiaomi Mijia Nightlight 2, you can be a bit more flexible.

Xiaomi Mijia Nightlight 2

Xiaomi Mijia Nightlight 2 at AliExpress for $13.12

Xiaomi Mijia Nightlight 2 at Geekbuying for $12.49

As with smartphones or vacuum robots, even the night lights make it a little confusing. This is the second generation. However, since Xiaomi’s friends from Yeelight have already released a hangable night light and an outlet night light, and Xiaomi itself has launched a night light with Bluetooth in cooperation with Philips, it’s easy to lose track.

With 360° magnetic base

In the second generation with the model number MJYD02YL, the manufacturer increases the translucent area. While the MJYD01YL (1st gene) virtually only shines through an outer ring, the new Xiaomi Mijia night light shines more forward. In the middle is the Mijia logo (Mi Home), which makes it easy to distinguish the Xiaomi and Yeelight nightlights. The new Xiaomi Nightlight also features a half-sphere shape that sits on a base.

This socket is a magnetic base and perhaps the biggest difference to the first generation. So you have more flexibility, because you can adjust the angle of the light individually. Although Xiaomi is talking about 360° adjustment, there will probably be some limitations due to this design and the magnet.


Like the first generation of the Xiaomi Mijia nightlight, it is powered by three AA batteries, which are unfortunately not included. The battery compartment is located in the actual light, the base serves the purpose of mounting it. You can put the night light on the one hand simply, but you can also stick it on. As in the first generation, the sticker for sticking is integrated.

The night light works with two sensors, an infrared sensor and a light sensor. With the infrared sensor, the night light detects movement and switches itself on. However, this only happens when there is no or hardly any light, i.e. at night or when the light in the apartment is switched off. The sensor covers an angle of 120° in which it registers the movements. If the device does not detect any movement for 15 seconds, it switches off automatically.

In contrast to the first generation, the Xiaomi Mijia Nightlight 2 with 0.34 W output offers slightly more brightness, but the running time will be slightly shorter as a result. The first generation easily lasts longer than a year at the lower level. The runtime of the new night light at low level is specified as 15 months, at high level it is “only” 8 months.

Again, there are two brightness levels. The lower setting offers 3 lumens, the higher 25 lumens. This is a clear difference to the first generation, which has the levels 0.7 lm and 3.8 lm in the petto. The color temperature tends a bit more towards neutral white with 2800K than the predecessor.


We are a fan of the first generation and would continue to recommend them. The new generation of Xiaomi Mijia nightlight offers the magnetic base, but depending on the application, you may not need it. I personally have been using the low level of the nightlight for a year now, so the new generation would be rather nothing for my home. Have you already used the new night light?

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    This is really cheap i paid for the same 4 times the money hmmmm

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    Do not think twice buy it

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