Xiaomi launches Mijia Projector 2 Pro

The first short-distance beamer appeared in 2018, a similar model was released by the Chinese tech giant a year later. Last month the much more expensive beamer 1S 4K followed. And there is even more. Xiaomi’s latest creation went on pre-sale in China today and is called Mijia Projector 2 Pro. Cool or just too much?

Converted, the price of $665 is very similar to the first Mijia Projector. But in this country, the projector will probably cost a little more, you have to expect an extra charge of about $100. Thus, the price of the new beamer is still clearly below the prices of comparable projectors in this country, but for Chinese conditions it is in the middle of the range. First reports will be available from July 29th, when the beamer will be sent to the presale buyers.

Xiaomi Mijia Projector: Small, bright, home cinema?

The official technical data on the part of Xiaomi reveal that the projector is equipped with a 4-channel LED light source, which is said to provide a brightness of up to 1300 ANSI lumens. This means that the projector can be used without restrictions even in daylight.

Example: If one wants to project an image of 4 square metres in a slightly darkened room, the beamer should have between 1.000 and 2.000 ANSI-lumen.

Visually quite appealing.

HDR10+ is supported and a projectable image size of 200 inches is also possible, but Xiaomi recommends 60-120 inches. For a distance of 2 m, 80 inches are recommended, and 100-120 inches for a distance of 2.5-3 m. In addition to two focus modes, the Mijia Projector 2 Pro also offers the possibility of automatically setting the focus directly on the wall or screen through the six-axis spiral instrument.

Using Xiaomis AI-Speaker (similar to Amazon’s Alexa) the projector can be integrated into the SmartHome.

Inside the beamer works a 12nm Amlogic T972 processor with 2GB RAM. 16 GB memory is available on the beamer itself, which is not very much. In terms of sound, the Mijia Projector 2 Pro is equipped with 1.75 inch dual hi-fi speakers that work with 10W. You might want to switch to alternative speakers here. Miracast, Airplay and DLNA are available as screencast options.

The Mijia Projector 2 Pro should outperform its cheaper predecessor in terms of pure technical data. But we also know that the data can be used to cheat. Accordingly, one has to wait for first reports of experiences.

What do you think: it’s about time for a beamer overview article, isn’t it? Or are you still looking through the individual models and specs?

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