News Upgrade version of the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S vacuum robot launched for $255

The Chinese tech giant never tires of developing: Xiaomi launches an improved version of the Mi Robot 1S. It features minimally more suction power, a wiping function with a large water tank and an improved laser distance sensor (LDS). A sensible upgrade? We summarize what is known so far.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot 1S Vacuum Robot Black

Technical data: Comparison to Mi Robot 1S

Mijia Robot STYJ02YM

Xiaomi Mijia Robot 1S Vacuum Robot Black

Mi Robot 1S

Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S Vacuum robot

Suction power 2100 pa 2000 pa
Navigation Laser Space Surveying Laser Space Surveying
Noise level n.a. (several suction stages) 50-65 dB (depending on suction stage)
Battery 3200 mAh 5200 mAh
Dust chamber/water tank 0.55 l/0.55 l 0.42 l/ no wiping function
Working time 2 h 2.5 h
Weight 3,6 kg 3,8 kg
Dimensions 34.5 x 34.5 x 9.4 cm 34.5 x 34.5 x 9.6 cm
Inclinations 15°, up to 2 cm 15°, up to 2 cm
  • Room division (single and multi-room cleaning)
  • card storage
  • mapping
  • wipe function
  • Voice control via Xiaomi AI Speaker
  • Room division (single and multi-room cleaning)
  • card storage
  • mapping
  • Voice control via Xiaomi AI Speaker

The technical data sheet still has to prove itself in practice, but the robot is noticeably slightly flatter and lighter than its predecessor.

Sensible upgrade to the 1S?

Laser room measurement via LDS, mapping, room division… The list of concentrated vacuum robot technology in the new version is long. In fact, the upgrade was only optimized, but (as of now) nothing was functionally removed. Accordingly, we will deal here with the differences, for all further information we recommend a look at the review of the Mi Robot 1S.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot 1S Vacuum Robot Black Comparison
The obvious difference: the new model is in black. But it should also come in white.

The suction power has been increased to 2100 pa – the current best value for vacuum robots. This is only 100 pa more than its predecessor, but at least the 2000 mark has now been broken for the first time. The laser distance sensor has also been optimised and is now to be able to detect obstacles and contours up to a distance of 8 m.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot 1S Vacuum Robot Black LDS
The LDS was further revised.

Wiping, vacuuming or both?

Using an app, the user can manually set which of the three different working modes he wants to use: pure wiping, pure vacuuming and simultaneous vacuuming and wiping. However, you will probably have to buy the wiping accessories yourself (at least in China), but this may change in the next few weeks. We could be talking about a 0.55 l water tank, which is very large compared to other models. The dust chamber comes in the same size, so it offers enough space for more extensive cleaning.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot 1S vacuum robot black room layout
The mapping in the app again enables the room division.

The amount of water dripping from the water tank onto the microfibre cloth can also be adjusted in the app. By the automatic room division after the map production, it is possible to predefine when the robot should vacuum or wipe which room – also in which order. No-Go zones (areas that the robot should not travel through) and virtual walls (which only the robot sees and does not drive over) can be drawn on the map and saved as usual.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot 1S vacuum robot black multi-room cleaning
It is also possible to define a sequence for when which room is to be cleaned.

Outlook: Exciting upgrade?

We are currently testing the new Deebot Ozmo 950 ( review coming soon), which features multiple storey card storage and automatic carpet detection when wiping. These are really exciting technological innovations, but the device also costs around $600. The Mijia Robot STYJ02YM (is this really the final name?) is aimed at a target group with a smaller wallet, who still don’t want to do without a high-end model with lots of functions. Exactly what the Mi Robot 1S already represents.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot 1S Vacuum Robot Black Navigation
Black or white: What do you like better about the robot?

But the innovations are – at least on paper – a bit poor. If you want a wipe function, you will be happy, otherwise the model has to go through the test phase to show what has really happened. A suction power of 100 pa more or less is no reason to switch to this model. But if you don’t have a (good) vacuum robot yet, you should keep up to date here – we will update this article as soon as there are any news.

The vacuum robot will be available in China from August 16th, most of the time it won’t take too long until the product makes its way to the China shops known to us and can be ordered. In China, the launch price is 1799 Yuan, or $255. As is well known, the price for us in this country will be a little more expensive again, and it is estimated that the price will go in the direction of $300.

What do you think of the upgrade?

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