Xiaomi Mijia T100 electric toothbrush for $9.49

Electric toothbrushes have more than established themselves on the market and that they don’t have to cost a fortune is proven by the following model. You can get the Xiaomi Mijia T100 electric toothbrush for less than $10. What can you expect from a model in this price range?

Technical data

Xiaomi Mijia T100 (MES603)

Battery life in standby 30 days
Display no Display
IP certification IPX7 (dust and water repellent)
Cleaning stages 2
Battery 700 mAh
Dimensions 20,5 cm × 5,8 cm × 1,9 cm
Weight 46 g

Xiaomi Mijia T100 – a smart toothbrush?

The model is advertised – depending on the website – as a smart toothbrush. That’s a bit exaggerated, because the feature mentioned is supposed to be the “30s Smart Zone Reminder“, which pretty much every standard toothbrush comes with. In plain English this means that the toothbrush emits a signal every 30 seconds. This allows you to brush a different area of your mouth at regular intervals to achieve a clean result. After exactly two minutes it will switch off automatically, so you can’t brush too short.

Long battery life and the low weight should convince.

The features of this toothbrush are the long standby time of 30 days and the low weight of less than 50 grams. Most of the models (like the Oclean X) weigh just under 100 grams, although even that hardly matters in everyday use. Thanks to IPX7 certification, you don’t have to worry about the Xiaomi toothbrush breaking the first time you wash it.

For brushing your teeth you can choose between two speed levels, with a maximum of 16,500 rotations per minute. The toothbrush is then recharged via micro-USB cable, which is also included in the delivery. Unfortunately, there is no wall mount included at this price, so you will have to find your own charging solution.

The Mijia T100 needs a total of four hours to be fully charged, and the battery has a capacity of 700 mAh. That’s pretty average, but since there is no display or similar gadgets, the standby time of 30 days is pretty good. You can choose between blue, white and pink colors.

How much do brush heads cost?

Even the cheapest toothbrush does not bring any advantage if the brush heads are correspondingly more expensive. With the Xiaomi Mijia T100, you can get spare parts directly from China in many shops, although the prices are in the lower segment. So you can get the 3 pack for less than $6 at AliExpress, which is fair. Of course there are also NoName-heads, these cost a few cents less. If it’s worth it, everyone has to know for himself, but make sure that they are compatible with the T100 model.

Evaluation & Alternatives

For under $10 you can hardly go wrong with the Xiaomi Mijia T100 toothbrush. If you want to save yourself the trouble of re-ordering brush heads, you can also order plenty of them directly from AliExpress. The toothbrush is not smart, but it is perfectly adequate as a travel toothbrush, for example. The very low weight of less than 50 grams and the comparatively long battery life can be an advantage here.

If you are looking for an electric toothbrush with display, you can take a look at the Oclean X, which we have already tested for you. Here are also really smart functions integrated, but you will find yourself in a different price range. For me personally, a simple model without special features is enough. How does it look like for you – do you prefer to buy cheap, or do you want to invest more money?

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