Xiaomi launches mini head massager for on the move

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi wants to continue to make every area of our lives smart and equip it with their products. For 199 yuan ($27.84) the company, often referred to as “Apple China”, has now launched a mobile massage option. This is intended for the head.

Xiaomi Mini Massager

A stressful day is coming to an end, but relaxation doesn’t really want to come because of the Headache. It’s good to have Xiaomi’s mini-massage device in your handbag. The four rotating attachments of the white-black device stimulate the blood circulation in the head, relax the muscles and help to bear the headache up to the complete relief of the headache. At least that’s how the manufacturer imagines it. But is that realistic?

Massage to go

According to the manufacturer, the four attachments mentioned above grip the scalp as human fingers would. Since this is purely a matter of interpretation and each person has different ideas about the sensitivity of a head massage, the speed of rotation can be adjusted. In addition, the “spare fingers” can open, close, pull, interlock and grip. In addition, four different massage modes can be selected and varied by means of buttons attached to the device. One mode lasts 10 minutes and switches off automatically. The current mode can be read via an LED on the top of the handle (see picture).

Thanks to IPX6 certification, the mobile massage stick is also dustproof and by definition protects against strong jets of water. Accordingly, Xiaomi’s new invention can also be used in many places – theoretically, the crazy idea of a head massage in the shower could even be implemented. But the Xiaomi innovation is also conceivable in the workplace, on the train or on the sofa in the evening.

Is the head massager interesting for you? So far you can only find an AliExpress offer for the device and the price is still pretty high.

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