Xiaomi Mitu Offroad Truck – Remote controlled kit with 1.500+ parts

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Finally our truck arrived. ❤ We are looking forward to the construction. The price of the unfortunately not quite cheap model is currently down to $169.99 (it used to be $190).

Xiaomi Mitu Offroad Truck cardboard box

If you already own the truck, you will now find instructions below on how to use the Chinese assembly instructions and how to assemble the kit as well. Have fun!

Xiaomi adds another model to its clamping brick series, which appears under the Mitu toy brand. It is a truck consisting of over 1,500 parts, which is also motorized again and can be remote controlled.

Xiaomi Mitu Off-Road Truck Announcement

It is not the first remote controlled kit from Xiaomi. Even the Mitu Robot and the Mitu Rover, both of which fall more into the category of “futuristic robots”, could be controlled via smartphone. At that time, it was even possible to program movement patterns. After a kit for children, the tipping truck and the crane were followed by two more classic models that had no remote control, but many moving parts. Obviously, however, they didn’t want to stay, and with this vehicle they continued to rely on the combination of kit and remote control.

Xiaomi Mitu Offroad Truck App
As with the robots, it will also be possible to program the truck.

Measured by the number of parts it is the biggest model of Xiaomi so far. The two robots had around 1,000 individual parts, the other vehicles had significantly fewer. The assembly is likely to be correspondingly time-consuming. This is basically a good thing – after all, building is what is most fun. The advertising clip already indicates that there will be instructions on the mobile phone again, next to the classic printed instructions.

Xiaomi Mitu Offroad Truck Guide
For the instructions in the app there seems to be a 3D view – freely rotatable!

The engine should be a clear upgrade to the previous models (we are talking about a maximum torque of 430 mN). But it also needs the power, because it is a four-wheel drive with which the truck should also be able to conquer inclines of up to 30°. Why then, however, in the above-mentioned advertising clip on a stop motion video… It will still show how well the off-road truck really drives.

Xiaomi Mitu Offroad Truck white

The building instruction in the chinese app

The kit is delivered without instructions, instead you can find them only in the app – welcome to 2019. In the international app “Mi Robot Builder” only the models Mitu Robot and Mitu Rover are available so far. Even a change of language or location does not change this. If you have now bought the truck and want to build it up, you can make do with the Chinese app. This is a bit more cumbersome, but feasible. Steps 1-4 may be optional, you will need the second app from step 5.

  1. Download the Chinese version of the app. It’s called 积木机器人, just copy the characters here and search Google. Click the first link or try directly http://app.xiaomi.com/details?id=com.iqi.MiTuBuilder
  2. Via 下载 (the green button below) you can download the .apk. You may receive a warning from your smartphone that you need to ignore.
  3. Start the app and log in. You will need a Mi account to log in.
  4. The app should be translated to English. Select point 5 “Build Manual”. A message will pop up telling you to install another app.
  5. Also download the app 积木世界. Here again copy the characters or directly via http://app.xiaomi.com/details?id=com.aiqi.blockworld
  6. And again: Via 下载 (the green button below) you can download the .apk. You may receive a warning from your smartphone that you need to ignore.
  7. Launch the app. Again you need a Mi-Account for the login.
  8. The app is completely in Chinese, but there are pictures. Directly on the start screen you should see the truck. Click on it and then on the small download arrow below the next picture. Then tap on the picture again and on the blue button 开始搭建 and you are in the manual.

In the manual all functions will be explained to you in Chinese, but you can ignore it. With the arrow keys you can navigate through the individual steps, the added parts (on the picture the black cogwheel) are even animated and move.

Xiaomi Mitu Builder App Screenshot
The models in the app are animated and freely rotatable.

The manual can apparently not be pulled out of the app, which means the app is needed to build. After the construction you can delete the app of course again.

We finally got our own model and will soon be able to tell you more about the construction and the features.

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