Monitor lamp from Xiaomi for $50 – also for curved monitors

This Xiaomi monitor lamp is designed to illuminate your desk without stealing space from your desk. In addition, it should be individually adjustable and easy on the eyes.

Mi monitor lamp in use

Technical data

Size 2.3 cm x 2.3 cm x 44.8 cm
Weight 0,6 kg
Connection USB-C
Light temperature 2700-6500 K (adjustable)

Mounting the monitor lamp

The monitor lamp holder is clipped to the top of your screen. According to the manufacturer the clip should also be suitable for curved monitors. It is fitting that Xiaomi is currently expanding the European market in this area as well. We have already tested the Curved Gaming Monitor for you. The lamp itself holds thanks to magnets on the holder. These magnets also allow you to rotate the lamp at an angle of 25° to adjust it to your needs. It gets the necessary power via USB-C cable. (The cable is included). The cable can be connected to the monitor, to the computer, to a powerbank or with an adapter to the power outlet. If you operate the lamp via the computer, the lamp turns on automatically when you switch on the computer.

Mi monitor lamp light angle

The exit angle of the light that falls on your desk should be smaller than that of ordinary monitor lamps. So you should not be blinded and the light should not be reflected on the monitor.

To adjust the light even further to your needs besides the angle, a remote control in an unusual design is included. It reminds me more of a can or a big button. But it is also simple and inconspicuous on your desk. You can turn the upper part of the remote control or hold it down to adjust the light. For the remote control you need 2 AA batteries, which are not included.

Mi Monitor Lamp Remote Control
The remote control for the monitor lamp has an …interesting… design

Operating the remote control

Switching on/off Press briefly
Computer Mode Press and hold
Adjust brightness Rotate
Light temperature Hold down and turn

The lamp is also designed to help reduce the direct light from the monitor to your eyes when you are in dark rooms. This way the monitor does not shine so much on you and your eyes are protected. The adjustment between different light intensities and temperatures should help you to see the colors more clearly and more realistically when needed.

Mi monitor lamp with Excel
Next to the stand of the monitor you can see the remote

At first I thought to myself: “What do I need this for? A normal desk lamp will do.” But the longer I think about it, the more useful the monitor lamp seems to me. The desk is evenly illuminated and the lamp doesn’t take up any space. Especially for smaller desks, this is a definite plus. And the fact that I can change the angle also has advantages when people of different sizes work at the same desk. Xiaomi’s monitor lamp is also no more expensive than average.

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