5-piece Xiaomi nail clipper set: well-groomed hands on the go for $9.99

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The first impression matters! It is, if not one of the most significant. In addition to the teeth, it is above all the hands that most people pay particular attention to their counterparts. So, I tested the nail clipper set from Xiaomi Mijia for you. Let’s see if I can save money on manicures in the future.

Xiaomi nail clipper set

Scope of delivery

If you order the Xiaomi nail clipper set, you will get a 5-piece set consisting of a beveled nail clipper, a classic nail clipper, a small pair of nail scissors and an ear spoon in return for your money. The whole set is delivered in a high-quality plastic box, in which each part finds its own place.

Xiaomi Nail Clipper Set Box
A nice set in my opinion, but I miss the excavator, which could have been inserted instead of the ear spoon.


As already mentioned, the storage box is made of ABS plastic. Nice about the box, is that it has a built-in magnet on the right side, so that the ear spoon does not fall out constantly. The nail clippers and such are made of 420 and 430 stainless steel. It has to be said that the tools feel really good in the hand. Which is probably due to their size.

They are neither too big nor too small (at least for my hands) and even the box fits in my pocket. The box itself is 4 x 2.5 inches. To me, the box makes a robust and high-quality impression.

Xiaomi nail clipper set 03
And with a little imagination you can see the logo in the middle.

The utensils

The tip end of the nail scissors is very fine and slightly curved. It is suitable not only for cutting nails, but also for trimming scraps of skin. But also the eyebrows can be shortened well with it.

You have to be very careful with the scissors, because the fine ends are very fragile and can bend if they come up awkwardly on impact.

This is what the utensils look like.

The nail file has a rough and a smooth side. With the rough side, you can directly file your nails short. Some prefer to clip their nails and then use the file to smooth the resulting edges or to file the nail shape into the desired form.

What surprised me about the nail file was how comfortable it felt to use. I usually hate the feeling when my nails are filed. But here that was not the case at all.

delivery scoop
Here again the complete package at a glance.

Now let’s move on to the clippers: The beveled clipper is especially useful if you want to trim the corners of the fingernails or the fingernails grow more round than angular. I have, for example, rather round nails and there came me the beveled really benefit when trimming, because this fits my nail shape much better than a straight clipper.

The ear spoon I have not tested, since I prefer to gently rinse my ears than poke around with any metal rods in the ear canal.


Sure, you can get such a nail set in any drugstore for less money. But for the hardcore Xiaomi fanboys it is certainly something. Anyway, I think that the nail set is not worth the money. I only liked the nail file and the beveled nail clipper. However, I find the ear spoon superfluous, because it does not really fit into a nail clipper set. At this point I would have preferred a mini excavator. That would have made far more sense in a nail set.

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