Facebooks “Oculus Go” VR-Glasses were made by Xiaomi

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An important cooperation: At CES, Facebook announced new details about the VR glasses “Oculus Go“, revealing that Xiaomi and Oculus have probably worked together more often in the past. For example, the PR glasses are manufactured by the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, and the Chinese are also launching their own variant for China. The VR glasses now released by Facebook do not need a cable, a computer or a smartphone.

Xiaomi Oculus Go Facebook F8

Affordable (and wireless) VR glasses have so far only worked with a few, but usually expensive smartphones. With its independence from PCs and cables, Facebook wants to overcome the obstacles it has encountered so far. As one of the few stand-alone headsets (no smartphone required), the glasses only cost about 200 dollar, which is very affordable compared to other stand-alone models such as Lenovo’s “Mirage Solo” and HTC’s “Vive Focus”. Competing models from HTC and Lenovo cost twice as much.

Xiaomi Oculus Go Facebook Advertising
For the price you get a resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels with Facebooks VR-Headset.

According to Facebook, setting up the device should not take longer than five minutes. Various settings are made on the smartphone in the Oculus app, which is available for all current Android and iOS devices. This means that the headset is not completely self-contained after all. The VR games, 360° videos and apps can also be selected in the glasses themselves. The contents are stored on the memory card of the headset. This offers space for up to 32 GB in the cheaper version, and 64 GB in the somewhat more expensive version.

Xiaomi Oculus Go VR Glasses Performance
The Oculus Go in action. Content can be loaded from both the Oculus system and Mi Market.

The battery should last about three hours, which also applies to the subsequent charging. The sound is provided by spatial audio drivers that are integrated directly into the headset. But if you prefer headphones, you will be happy about the 3.5 mm jack. The “breathable fabric and soft, adjustable straps” used (at least according to the advertising) should ensure good wearing comfort.

The new Xiaomi VR-Glasses

The Chinese VR glasses will appear under the name “Mi VR Standalone” and come along like the Oculus Go with a built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. This processor is in the first Google Pixel and other powerful smartphones. An old acquaintance is responsible for the cooperation, Facebook’s Vice-VR-President Hugo Barra was previously employed at Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Oculus Cooperation
Hugo Barra (left) was with Xiaomi before joining Facebook.

The Mi VR Standalone and the Oculus Go share the same design and also the functions are identical. The Mi VR apparently does not have access to the Oculus ecosystem and gets its own SDK (Software Development Kit). But Oculus can easily transfer content to the Mi-Glasses. With the new system it is also possible to load films directly onto the glasses, which can be obtained from Xiaomi via the Mi-Appstore (Mi Market).

Xiaomi Oculus Go VR-Glasses
There are not too many differences between the two glasses.

The VR glasses are designed to make it easier for those interested to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality. This means that cables, sensors or the smartphone are not included in the operation and scope of delivery. Both glasses have a 2K display. A new generation of lenses and a high-quality audio system are also to be installed in the Mi-glasses. A 3.5 mm jack output allows the use of headphones as with the Oculus Go.

When looking at the technical data, there are few differences between the glasses from Xiaomi and facebooks of new VR glasses. In fact, the Mi VR is only designed for the Chinese market, Facebooks glasses for the whole world. If there are more news from Xiaomi’s virtual world of technology, we’ll tell you more about it.

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  • Profile picture from Stewie
    # 09.05.18 um 09:57


    Which apps would you recommend for the glasses?

  • Profile picture from JordyB
    # 10.05.18 um 06:30


    Would the glasses me compatible with VR PC games like DCS?

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 16.05.18 um 11:24

      Maike CG team

      Hi JordyB,

      all compatible Apps and Games with the Facebook VR Glasses are listed here:

      The Xiaomi glasses will come with the Xiaomi Mi Store and it is not sure which games will be supported. But the Mi VR should be compatible with the Oculus mobile SDK, which means apps compatible with the Oculus could be implemented for the Mi VR. But that will only be apparent after the release.

  • Profile picture from Michael Elzy
    # 04.11.18 um 00:55

    Michael Elzy

    Michael Elzy love it

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