Xiaomi RoboRock Sweep One vacuum robot for $499,99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The rumor mill has been running for quite some time; now it is a certainty: Xiaomi Mi Robot 2 is the successor of the first, very successful robot vacuum cleaner on the market. Today it will be officially presented. We have summarized the information we have gathered so far.

Xiaomi RoboRock Sweep One vacuum robot

Technical Data of the Xiaomi Mi Suction Robot 2

Brand Xiaomi
Suction Power 2000 pa
Battery 5200 mAh
Working time 1500 min
Dust chamber 0,48 l
Dimensions 35.3 x 35.0 x 9.9 cm
Weight 3,5 kg
Features Automatic mode, power mode, layer programming, mopping function function

With this announcement, the price decline of the first Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum robot can be explained. It is now more than a year old and was one of the most debated gadgets of this year. Therefore it was only a matter of time before Xiaomi could follow up on the great demand of the first model. First, only a few bits of information leaked through Weibo (something like the Chinese counterpart to Twitter) by Xiaomi Mijia: Apparently, a camera was strapped onto the new model to spike the interest in the official announcement of Xiaomi. And to be honest, it worked in our case.

 The Xiaomi robot cleaner 2 can even mop

At first only a small part of the front of the vacuum cleaner could be seen on the published pictures. Unlike the first Xiaomi model, there are three side-by-side controls. For comparison, the first model only had two. In addition to the power button known from the previous model and also other suction robots, there is also a button with a charging cable symbol on the right. Of course, it is only possible to guess which function the individual buttons have, a push on the charging cable button will presumably trigger the command to return to the charging station and recharge the battery. To the left of the power button is an undefined key which can probably be used to start a suction mode.

Xiaomi RoboRock Sweep One Vacuum Robot
The new model comes with three control elements on the top, instead of two

When looking at the scope of delivery, there are no other highlights besides the mop. As with the first model, that’s not too oppulent, but everything necessary is included. Since Xiaomi didn’t include any virtual wall, you can hope for the possibility of selecting areas that will not be available for the robot – because, as you know, Xiaomi aims to do everything perfectly.

Xiaomi RoboRock Vacuum Cleaner water cloth
Here you can see the water cloth, that the robot needs to mop your floor.

Visually, Xiaomi seems to remain faithful to the simple, chic design. Apart from the front control buttons, only a few differences to the previous model can be seen. Geekbuying was the first shop to list the new suction robot. The great news: The second suction robot from Xiaomi will be able to wipe. And this is only the first technical advantage over the first Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. The dust chamber has also been enlarged (albeit only minimally): from 0.42 l to 0.48 l. In terms of vacuuming power, Xiaomi is setting new standards again: the Xiaomi Suction Robot 2 comes with a suction force of 2000 pa. If the old vacuum cleaner was the top model in terms of suction power, the new vacuum cleaner is still one step further.

Xiaomi RoboRock Sweep One Charging station
The Xiaomi Mi suction robot 2 has a suction force of 2000 pa

The working time should be two and a half hours. Here, initial tests will have to show whether this also applies to the everyday use. With such a time, the vacuum robot is definitely not only suitable for apartments, but also larger houses. At least on a single floor. The measurements are 35.3 x 35.0 x 9.9 cm. The robot should also fit underneath most furniture pieces. Other vacuum robots may be flatter, but they also don’t come with a LDS sensor installed on the surface. The vacuum robot measures out the spaces via this sensor, thus avoiding obstacles. We already know this system from the predecessor.

Xiaomi-RoboRock-Sweep-One- water tank
With the mop and the water tank on the bottom, the robot vacuum cleaner can mop

A new “recharging technology” is also supposed to be installed. This should enable it to charge more quickly than other vacuum robots – and is also necessary with the 5200 mAh battery. The weight of the robot is 3.5 kg. The crossing of obstacles should have been improved in comparison to the first Mi Robot, so that instead of slopes of 15° it should even be possible to cross 20° steep slopes. For this purpose, the robot needs quite powerful tires.

Xiaomi-RoboRock-Sweep-One-vacuum robot tires
With improved tires, the sucker can cross steep slopes up to 20 °

The vacuum robot tends to get cheaper a little bit. At the moment you have to pay about $500 to get this smart helper for your household.

We are quite excited! What do you think about the new Xiaomi vacuum robot? Do you stick with your first generation model or are you excited to upgrade soon?

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