Xiaomi Shuawadi wireless vacuum cleaner for $97.27

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The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is not getting tired of developing and has lately probably concentrated more on household appliances. The next cleaning gadget is already in the starting blocks. The Xiaomi Shuawadi wireless hand vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning sofas, cushions, mattresses or carpets.

Xiaomi Shuawadi wireless vacuum cleaner

Functions and technical data of the hand-held vacuum cleaner

The 32.4 x 27.0 x 17.0 cm hand-held vacuum cleaner was specially designed to remove bacteria, dirt, mites and lint from furniture that is difficult to clean. It works with UV light and a high suction power of 6000 pa. For comparison: The RoboRock vacuum robot only reaches 2000 pa. However, it has to be said that the value of the hand-held vacuum cleaner is average, the Dibea C17, for example, brings a similar amount of power. The germicidal UV light is much more exciting.

Xiaomi Shuawadi wireless hand vacuum nozzles
The hand-held vacuum cleaner works with germicidal UV light and 6000 pa suction power.

The absorbed substances are collected in a 0.4 l dust chamber, which can of course also be taken out and washed out. The total weight of the hand-held vacuum cleaner is 1.3 kg, which gives it an average weight. The working time is 25 minutes, for this the vacuum cleaner has to be plugged into the socket in advance with the 2200 mAh battery for 150-180 minutes. The operating volume is a tolerable 65 dB, which corresponds approximately to the volume at which we humans talk to each other.

Xiaomi Shuawadi wireless hand vacuum cushion
The 32.4 x 27.0 x 17.0 cm hand-held vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean cushions.

When it comes to workmanship you can hope for the usual good Xiaomi standard again, the design is of course a matter of taste. Personally, however, the hand-held vacuum cleaner suits my taste, I would have liked a stylish charging station. In this short video you can see the Xiaomi Shuawadi vacuum cleaner in action:



The prices for the Deerma spray mop and the Roidmi F8 battery-powered vacuum cleaner were already set significantly lower for the Chinese area than for our fields. Almost around $100 is quite a lot for a hand vacuum cleaner, here one can still hope for price reductions. But you could get a really good opportunity to fight mites and other troublemakers in difficult places with the hand vacuum cleaner. We will keep you informed if there are any news.

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