Xiaomi Sleepace Sleep Mask with Headphones for $9.99

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If you can’t fall asleep, you’re gonna be whacked the next morning. A small sleeping aid would not be bad. The Xiaomi Sleepace sleep mask is currently available for $9.99 from Banggood.

The average sleep duration is seven hours, one hour more than the six hours recommended by health experts. However, studies show that a quarter of adults do not reach the recommended value. Of course the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi also has a solution for this: “Sleepace” is the name of the sleep mask, which with headphones and app control is intended to help people fall asleep.

Xiaomi Sleepace Sleep Mask Headphone Music

Sleep mask with app monitoring

Too little sleep makes you sick, but too much sleep also makes you sick. In addition, the quality of the night’s rest must also fit so that we can be creative and efficient during the day. Xiaomi’s 37 g lightweight sleep mask is designed to support this. In connection with the app of the same name (Sleepace for Android, iOS) you can find out how deeply you have slept, when there were phases of restlessness and receive advice from the app on how to make improvements.

Xiaomi Sleepace Sleep Mask Headphone App
Sleep can be monitored via app.

An alarm function is also included, the time for the alarm call can be set in the app just like with the smartphone alarm clock. You are then woken up via the headphones. There is also a “Smart Alarm”, which allows the app to estimate when the best time to wake up is. If Sleepace does that well, you won’t sleep too long or too short. However, this mode is not particularly suitable if you have to go to work during the week.

We measured with a tape measure: Among the available sizes S (~53 cm), M (~55 cm), L (~57 cm), XL (~59 cm) there should be something for everyone.

Xiaomi Sleepace Sleep Mask Headphone Features
The music stops automatically when you fall asleep.

But the highlight of the sleep mask made of lycra and silk are the built-in headphones. Create playlist, play, fall asleep – and the music stops automatically. The mask recognizes (at least in theory), if one fell asleep and stops on it the music reproduction. The app also offers its own relaxation music.

Evaluation of the Xiaomi Sleepace: Rather for on the road?

I find the automatic switching off of the music very practical, because the continuation of the music was always one of my problems when falling asleep. Personally, I always found it a bit difficult to fall asleep with a sleep mask, which is probably a matter of practice. I can imagine the mask very well for long-distance bus rides in broad daylight, train rides or the power nap in the office, especially because we have had such good experiences with Xiaomi products in the past.

Xiaomi Sleepace Sleep Mask Headphones Travel
Sleeping on the move should work better with the Sleepace.

Meanwhile I find it a bit annoying to have 30 apps for one device each on my smartphone. One for my toothbrush, one for the scale and so on. Why not integrate everything into the Xiaomi Home App? Probably because the third party manufacturers first manufacture the product and then take the step towards Xiaomi. Nevertheless, the Sleepace app can offer real added value here, which is not always the case with a product (see Roidmi F8).

What do you think of sleep masks?

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