Xiaomi SWDK Flying Dog: Self-cleaning 2 in 1 vacuum wiper

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

An electric mop, a spray mop and then the first mop robot from tech giant Xiaomi. And we were not really convinced by any of the wiping household appliances, not even by the wiping functions of their hybrid vacuum robots. For Xiaomi, of course, no reason to give up yet.

This time the Chinese company seems to be serious and is sending SWDK, a household manufacturer from its own ecosystem, into the race to finally make a clean sweep. In the form of this wiping and vacuuming cleaning device called Flying Dog.

Vacuum, wipe and everything’s fine?

With this household appliance, Xiaomi not only reaches deeper into our bag of tricks, but also into our wallets. Round about $290 is not necessarily the price range one would expect to find such a device, even if the similar Tineco Floor One S3 scratches at the $400 mark. But the latter also has a display, app, dirt sensor and voice assistant. You don’t necessarily need the mentioned points in order to clean the floor, as standard mops don’t have anything of that kind installed.

Not exactly cheap.

Even if one must not lump together, the following applies: It should not be expensive, but it is allowed to be, if it is really good. So that’s what Xiaomi must hope for in terms of sales figures. After all, vacuuming and wiping in one device is no longer an unimaginable highlight, not just since the Roidmi NEX. So it has to work well, in this case this must be reflected in a clean floor. Therefore the Flying Dog can vacuum, wipe and obviously clean itself afterwards. Well well, the roller anyway.

Dirt and grime is picked up and transported upwards towards the dust chamber/tank.

First you fill clean tap water into the water tank, then you only have to fold the self-standing vacuum cleaner back by its handle and switch it on. The Flying Dog is switched on and off with the front control element on the handle, the other button (drop symbol) is used to switch between wiping and vacuuming.

Use the buttons on the handle to switch between vacuuming and wiping.

The working time of 40 min. is a high average for electric wipers, the 0.5 l dust chamber is in combination with the working time also no no-go. Depending on the degree of soiling, a single battery charge is sufficient for apartments up to 150 m². Allegedly the SWDK Flying Dog also has a CE-mark on board, but this can only be left as “alleged” without checking.

Depending on the surface you should quickly switch from wiping to vacuuming. Otherwise the carpet gets wet.

Evaluation: Buy Xiaomi Flying Dog?

There’s not much more to say about the Xiaomi SWDK Flying Dog, the way it works behind the machine should be clear. Vacuum, wipe, self-cleaning roller. Without having a test device here, we can of course not say how well the Flying Dog handles dirt, muesli stains or other floor coverings. Indeed, there are a handful of advertising videos so far, but of course one should not trust them too much.

It stands and falls with the price, which is currently still clearly too high. While the Flying Dog vacuums and wipes well, it is still a little too expensive. What do you think: Is the device worth a review or uninteresting?

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