Xiaomis first pure wiping robot SWDK ZDG300 for $269

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

For 10 months we thought the model would never be available for order in this country, after we discovered it at Xiaomiyoupin, Xiaomi’s sales and crowdfunding platform. But the Chinese tech giant with its subsidiary SWDK should not disappoint us. We tested Xiaomi’s first pure wiping robot – which is also square.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot

Technical data: Comparison with Mi Robot 1S

As a pure wiping robot, the comparison to a vacuum robot is of course somewhat difficult. However, so that you can put some data in relation, we compare the ZDG300 with the Mi Robot 1S.


Xiaomi SWDK vacuum robot

Mi Robot 1S

Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S Vacuum robot

NavigationCamera navigation with gyro sensor (VSLAM)Laser space measurement
AppXiaomi Home (Android, iOS)Xiaomi Home (Android, iOS)
Noise level71 dB50-65 dB (depending on suction level)
Battery2500 mAh5200 mAh
Water tank0.24 lno wiping function
Working time2 h2.5 h
Weight4,8 kg3,8 kg
Dimensions32.0 x 32.0 x 8.0 cm34.5 x 34.5 x 9.6 cm
Inclines15°, up to 1,5 cm15°, up to 2 cm
  • mapping
  • wipe function
  • vibrating plate
  • Room division (single and multi-room cleaning)
  • card storage
  • mapping
  • Voice control via Xiaomi AI Speaker

From the Chinese manufacturer SWDK we only know of manual vacuum cleaners, from Xiaomi in general only the vacuum robots. SWDK belongs to Xiaomi’s ecosystem and is a vocal-free abbreviation for “Sawadika”.

Scope of delivery

So the packaging is nothing special, a simple, square brown box. But then you find inside:

  • the wiping robot
  • Charging station with CN charging cable (adapter included)
  • Water catching mat
  • small measuring jug
  • Disposable and microfibre cloths, two each for the underside
  • Operating instructions in Chinese
Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery of the wiping robot.

I would not even unpack the included adapter but rather order a proper adapter. The manual is also in Chinese, but you don’t need it after reading this review. Otherwise there is nothing to prevent the use of the robot in this country.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Charging Cable Adapter
Cool charging cable with logo, but treat yourself to a better adapter.

Yes, the robot is only available as a China version (current?). But since we thought that we would not be able to order it in this country in the future, this is a tolerable obstacle.

Design and finish: The first of its kind

The design has the typical Xiaomi look and the usual good workmanship, but the shape is completely different than usual. The ZDG300 is square and therefore also gets into corners very well.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Floor
There he is, the little square-cut fellow.

A bumper is installed around the entire wiping robot. This protects the robot 360° around itself from collisions. The bumper also cushions collisions with pieces of furniture. Normally, the bumper of a vacuum robot is only installed at the front.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Bumper
A 360° bumper protects the robot from all sides.

Which, despite good navigation, unfortunately has to be said: The robot will dock obstacles such as pieces of furniture. Sometimes also a bit rougher. It doesn’t mind that at all, but vases or other sensitive items of furniture do. So it’s good that he has the 360° bumper.

To give a wiping robot such a shape is absolutely sensible. Vacuum robots have brush heads attached to the side, which is why the round shape makes it possible to reach all corners. But for a wiping robot with two wiper attachments, the square shape is just right to be able to wipe in more angled corners.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Form
The shape is optimal for wiping robots.

The robot does not drive over the ground with tyres, but has a rubber roller system installed. This means that the robot does not leave tire tracks, as sometimes happens with hybrid models. And it also slips away less often.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping robot rubber rollers
SWDK’s robot is a… tracked vehicle?!

Oh, one more praising sentence: The height of 8.0 cm of course also allows the robot to wipe under pieces of furniture.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Height
At 8.0 cm, the ZDG300 is quite flat compared to other household robots.

Operation and navigation

Connoisseurs of the Xiaomi vacuum robots will have noticed it right away: There is no LDS (laser distance sensor) on the top of the 8.0 cm flat wiping robot. Accordingly, the premises are not scanned via laser. The ZDG300 navigates via camera (without optical recording, so don’t take pictures) and gyro sensor.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Gyro Sensor Camera
The robot scans the ceiling via camera.

When using a gyro sensor, the vacuum robot measures the rotary movements from the charging station. The SWDK ZDG300 scans the floor plan with the camera, because it assumes that it has the same floor plan as the ground. The problem here, of course, is roof pitches.

Navigation via gyro sensor currently occupies second place in the ranking of the best navigation methods after laser space measurement. The mapping is therefore less precise, but the robot still knows where it is and navigates reliably through the rooms.

This is due to the fact that it works in straight paths:

Inside the robot, a VSLAM graphics algorithm (VSLAM = Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is used, which enables the ZDG300 to store the obstacles detected during the journey in a map. The position is determined simultaneously and the map is created. The map can then be called up in the app. Additional obstacle and fall sensors protect the wiping robot from collisions with pieces of furniture or falls from stairs.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot App Mapping
The mapping of the robot could be more precise.

On the underside of the robot, two wiping mops with coated microfibre cloths work, which move up and down and also vibrate. In this way, the manufacturer wants to be able to compensate for the muscle power that is used for manual wiping via mop and to apply sufficient pressure to the floor. So that even harder stains can be wiped. The mobile vibration water tanks operate at 800 rotations per minute.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Underside
The underside of the robot without attached wipers.
Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping robot underside wipers
The underside with attached wipes.

Charging station and working time

Of course, the wiping robot also finds its charging station autonomously when the battery power decreases. This is the case after a working time of 2 hours. For 3 hours it then has to charge its battery – both values which are good to live with. Important: The robot must have started from the charging station, otherwise it will have difficulties finding its “home” again.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping robot to charging station Charging contacts
The ZDG300 has its charging contacts installed at the rear end.

Xiaomi and the associated subsidiaries are all not upside down and think along with us, as we can see here again. Therefore a water catching mat or water protection mat is included in the scope of delivery. On it, there are two insertion possibilities for the charging station that again has two inlets at the bottom. By this way, the charging station can be placed on the mat without slipping.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Water Protection Mat
With the water catching mat, for example, the sensitive parquet does not get wet at the station.
Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Charging Station
The charging station has two inlets on the underside so that it can be easily placed on the mat.

And finding his “home” again autonomously does not present him with any great challenges either. In practice it looks like this:

App control via Xiaomi Home

Yeah, I know, you want to know how the robot mops. But before that, we have to integrate the little helper into the Xiaomi Home App (Android, iOS), which we already know very well. Although the device is a Chinese version (it’s not clear if there will be an international version), the WLAN and app integration is also possible for us here.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot App Region China
China must be selected as the country.

To do this, we have to change the region in the Xiaomi Home App if we (like me) have been on other servers so far. Now – correctly guessed for a China version – it must be the country setting “China”.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot App Integration WLAN
The connection works as usual with Xiaomi via Bluetooth and WLAN on the smartphone.

The step has two disadvantages: If you have other smart Xiaomi devices on other servers, this will cut the connection and you may have to move them to the China server. Plus: The China servers are not as fast as the local servers – logical.

But this step also has an advantage that is not to be disregarded: You will receive firmware updates via the China servers first of all. For other regions the implementation of updates always takes several weeks longer. Firmware updates can be bugfixes or new functions, during the test phase I was also allowed to download one for the ZDG300 directly.

The interface of the app is in English (after all, Chinese would be more complicated), sometimes there are even German words underneath. Provided, of course, that you have set the app as such to German.

App functions and settings

Before we send the robot off with an app connection, we should make one or two settings. All functions and settings are listed here:

  • Schedule working hours (days and water level selectable)
  • Set water flow rate (Dry, Standard, Strong -> little water, medium, much water)
  • Download and install firmware updates (only possible on the charging station)
  • Display cleaning progress (history)
Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot App Interface Settings
Left the interface, in the middle and right the settings.
  • virtual remote control
    • here also spot mode (rotates in increasing circles around itself) can be found
  • Adjust the volume of the “voice of the robot” (0-100%)
  • Reset card
  • Find Robot (reports in Chinese voice)
  • Go-To-Zone (targeted cleaning at a specific location on the virtual map)
Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot App Schedule working hours Remote control
On the left and in the middle you can plan working hours, on the right the virtual remote control.

Unfortunately, there are no no-go zones that can be drawn in the virtual map. Therefore you have to put away carpets or cables before cleaning. This is a good example of a firmware update that we would like to see. Oh and drawing go-to zones could be a little less fiddly.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot App no go zones
A little fiddly.

The wipe function

The moment of decision *drum roll*. Did Xiaomi’s subsidiary SWDK create the long-awaited wiping robot that does the annoying work for us? First of all, we attach the two wiping cloths to the underside. Then we take the small measuring cup and fill it with water and one or two drops of floor cleaner – I like to use this one from Ecovacs. Any warranty claims would normally be void now, but the robot is not for sale in this country anyway, so it’s negligible anyway. 😉

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping robot floor cleaner
Pour in 240 ml, then add a few drops of floor cleaner.
Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Tank Fill up with water
We then pour this into the hole under the flap and thus into the tank.

Then we briefly check the LED display on the robot to see if it registers the water. Put away any furniture, cables or carpets that may be at risk and set the water flow rate in the app (Low, Medium, High). And then? Then we start it – either via app or via the start button on the top.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Robotic Wiping Robot Wiping Function Application
Here we go, little buddy!

The ZDG300 starts from its charging station, the rotating plates on the underside start working, the tank starts dripping water onto the microfibre cloths. The little helper is not necessarily quiet, but with an operating volume of 65 dB it is not any louder than its vacuum robot colleagues. You just hear a vibrating water tank when it is working.

On the average flow rate, a closer look reveals how the robot wipes the floor:

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Wiping Function Step
It was definitely wiped, even without puddling.

The result is good, although no comparison to the conventional use with biceps force and mop. No puddle formation and good water distribution. And if we take it to the next level?

You can see that clearly.

Strong, if you want to wipe “harder”. This setting does not change the vibration, but the robot achieves decent results. Fine!

The vibration makes the difference

On my black and grey carpet he doesn’t want to, which bothers me with vacuum robots, but with him here he is very welcome. However, he also does not want to go over my cable cover on the floor, accordingly 2 cm high obstacles are too big a challenge for him. So if you have installed door thresholds or such at home, you have to lift the robot manually into another room.

The muscle power exerted on the mop during manual wiping is well simulated and balanced by the robot. The ZDG300 manages to exert sufficient pressure on the floor to achieve absolutely solid results. It can’t get very deep-seated spots, but the 800 rotations per minute that the rotating mops operate with are absolutely noticeable.

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Avoiding Carpet
The wiping function is very promising.

Even if the cloths absorb a lot of dirt, I would still briefly vacuum through them beforehand. The microfibre cloths can also be thrown into the washing machine. Would you be interested in a video in which the robot is presented with different types of stains? If you like to write it in the comments, then I will add it to the video.

Conclusion: Buy Xiaomi wiping robot?

Practical design, nice and flat, good wiping technique and solid navigation: The SWDK ZDG300 wiping robot from the Xiaomi universe could fill a product gap that was missing not only in its own product range so far. In fact, no technology manufacturer has really managed to bring a robot with heavy wiping to the market so far (maybe the Narwal).

Even Xiaomi does not succeed one hundred percent, but in large parts. The wiping result can definitely be called “solid”, so that you have to wipe much less yourself. In case of heavy stains you’ll have to give it a try and get out the mop or wipe yourself. But hey, that’s manageable, and the robot at a little over $250 isn’t so expensive that you could make a big mistake here. On the contrary, I really like the wiping robot!

Xiaomi SWDK ZDG300 Wiping Robot Optics Design
I’ve grown fond of the ZDG300.

Since you don’t necessarily have to use the app, I don’t think it’s too bad that there is (currently?) only a Chinese version of the robot. Without no-go zones (maybe Xiaomi will provide some via update) the app is not a decisive criterion. But they would be really handy so that you don’t have to put away carpets after the first cleaning.

If you can overlook the mentioned negative points like me, you’ll get a really good wiping robot here. If any of you have difficulties with the integration into WLAN and App, please write it in the comments, I will help you as soon as possible.

What do you think of Xiaomi’s first robotic wiper?

  • Shape optimal for wiping robots
  • thoughtful water protection mat
  • good wipe results
  • Design and processing
  • China version, app integration only possible if region “China” is selected
  • no no-go zones
  • Obstacle overcoming and detection could be better
To the gadget
If you buy a product via a link on this page, we often get a small commission for it. There are no additional costs for you. Where you buy a product is of course up to you.
Thank you for your support.

Why doesn't this affect our review in any way?
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I'm interested in Gadgets, that make our life at home easier - especially when it comes to cleaning the floor or the windows. I was able to test about fifty robot vacuum cleaners since now.

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Comments (118)

  • Profile picture from Romu29
    # 15.08.20 um 09:52



    je suis nouveau processeur du robot laveur swdk zdg300. J'ai réussi à l'installer mais je perd la connection au bout de quelques heures. Par ce fait impossible de le programmer. Si quelqu'un peut m'aider ça serait sympa.

    Comment picture of Romu29
  • Profile picture from Tim
    # 18.08.20 um 10:25

    Tim CG team

    Hi, did you complete the connection at least once? So it seems to be a problem of your internet connection. Just try again and be sure that your docking station is near to the router and the region in the app is China.

  • Profile picture from NEETHU
    # 31.08.20 um 00:44


    I am looking for an economical robot mop. How is the mopping ability if we were to compare the SWDK to Braava jet 240?

  • Profile picture from Ravin
    # 02.09.20 um 09:43


    Does this do any vacuum at all? Or zero vacuum??

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 02.09.20 um 11:40

      Tim CG team

      It's not a vacuum robot, pure wiping only

  • Profile picture from Gianluca Alisio
    # 06.10.20 um 16:25

    Gianluca Alisio

    Hi, i have a problem with the app , my app, mi home don’t refresh the data about the mop.
    I cant control mop from the main control page. The connection from the mop and the app is ok.
    But it still in “state loading”
    I have iOS version of the app
    Do you know what is the problem?
    Thank you

    Comment picture of Gianluca Alisio
    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 13.10.20 um 14:31

      Tim CG team

      Hi Gianloca, I'm sorry but we can't really reproduce the error or know how to adress the problem. Maybe try to disconnect and connect the robot again? Or have a look if all frirmware updates have been installed.

      • Profile picture from morten
        # 13.11.20 um 20:15


        I have the same issue with iOS. Anybody who have solvens it?

        • Profile picture from Guest
          # 15.11.20 um 08:01


          Meme probleme
          Quelque a la solution?

    • Profile picture from Damiano
      # 15.12.20 um 22:33


      Same problem here. Just unboxed. No map and no scheduler.

  • Profile picture from Guest
    # 25.11.20 um 21:41


    I have a problem with a water level on phone. Do you now how it fix?

  • Profile picture from lmarenda
    # 07.01.21 um 17:02


    hi all !
    is there a way to read and learn about differences bween SWDK ZDG300 and SWDK ZDG300S or have you also " packaged " a decent post with comparison and ' reviews of features ' for those accessories and Smart Mopping Robots ? ta'
    l marenda

  • Profile picture from Darwin Pou
    # 05.03.21 um 21:58

    Darwin Pou

    How do you pair device to app?
    Device WIFI icon is blinking but App does not find it.
    I verify if WIFI spot is available to connect to ZDG300S, but not visible.

    • Profile picture from Mark
      # 22.03.21 um 08:30


      The 300s version doesn’t work with Xiaomi mihome app. Install the TUYA SMART app and pair the robot using the ROBOT VACUUM (WI-FI). It works fine.

  • Profile picture from Mark
    # 18.03.21 um 23:25


    Hi all,
    My problem is to find the wifi connection the zdg300 should create. I push for 2-3 secs the 2 buttons but with phone/Mac I am able to find the wifi of the zdg300. Please to help me to find a solution. Thank you

    • Profile picture from Mark
      # 19.03.21 um 00:31


      My model is zdg300s and not as i wrote the zdg300. With zdg300s the wifi spot of the robot is not visible. Anyone can help me? please. thank you

  • Profile picture from Darwin
    # 22.03.21 um 01:26


    I dont need to sweep anymore.
    It does not leave marks on floor as other 360 S7 which I bought cause had mopping and sweeping options.
    Deep cleaning. My floor shines.

    Vslam Navigation is not optimal. Map is no totally accurate.
    Sometimes forgets how to get to charging dock.
    Sometimes gets stuck when drive into a raise in floor, and move forward and backward for ever at same point.
    Tuya Android App has feature limitations. Virtual walls and Zone cleaning operation is not accurate. Never able to pair in Mi android App.

  • Profile picture from Darwin Pou
  • Profile picture from Tibor
    # 14.05.21 um 11:52


    Please help, my SWDK robot after some days of good operation suddenly started repeating something like this: "Please clean and slight flap the collision buffer". I tried to clean the collision buffer many times but what to do then? So far it worked in a good way. I would like to use it further. Any advice. Thanks.

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 14.05.21 um 12:53

      Tim CG team

      Hi Tibor, after the cleaning I'd reset the parts in the app or reset the whole vacuum robot. After one of both, it should work again.

      • Profile picture from Darwin Pou
        # 28.05.21 um 15:40

        Darwin Pou

        Mine stopped charging after two months? Any ideas? Is possible to change batteries?

        • Profile picture from Darwin Pou
          # 28.05.21 um 15:43

          Darwin Pou

          Why did you change power adapter?

    • Profile picture from colombo
      # 21.05.22 um 06:37


      Please help, my SWDK robot after some days of good operation suddenly started repeating something like this: "Please clean and slight flap the collision buffer". I tried to clean the collision buffer many times but what to do then? So far it worked in a good way. I would like to use it further. Any advice. Thanks.

  • Profile picture from Darwin Poi
    # 25.05.21 um 01:30

    Darwin Poi

    Mine stopped charging after two months? Any ideas? Is possible to change batteries?

  • Profile picture from Darwin Pou
    # 25.05.21 um 01:34

    Darwin Pou

    I connected my zdg300s through Type C USB Port on top and woke up, if I disconnected it then turns off. Not charging by charging dock.

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 28.05.21 um 16:24

      Tim CG team

      Hi Darwin, we're actually not really sure how to help you as we never encountered this problem. Have you tried everything like restarting and maybe trying to find a fix in the app? Not charging seems like a defect of the battery. Maybe you'll have to contact the shop where you bought the robot :/

  • Profile picture from Yigal
    # 17.08.21 um 11:56


    Mi robot Displays the cleaning map in reverse motion from right to left on the smartphone. The up and down movement is normal.
    I use Android.
    What should I do to fix this?

  • Profile picture from Azriza
    # 19.08.21 um 16:28


    Hi, your review makes me decided to purchase. I am very happy with it and it performs as you said. Living with 20 cats in the house makes me sweep and mop twice daily. I had the robot vacuum already, but the mopping is not done well. With this robot mop, I complete my task through my smartphone. I use a cheap Xiaomi robot vacuum, then run the robot mop. The result is better than my manual mop. No missing spot, the robot mop nearly 5 kg force down, it cleans well. Thanks a lot.

  • Profile picture from No go zone
    # 22.09.21 um 04:34

    No go zone

    Does the new firmware/mihome update add "no go zone" feature?

  • Profile picture from Guest
    # 22.10.21 um 14:21


    J'ai acheté ce robot il y a quelques mois et il est en panne. Je viens de changer d'opérateur et impossible de le mettre en wifi, le bouton marche/arrêt ne fonctionne plus, alors impossible de le connecter ou de le démarrer.

    • Profile picture from Henning
      # 25.10.21 um 09:44

      Henning CG team

      Hé, avez-vous essayé de le faire fonctionner sur le WiFi 2.4GHz ? Les aspirateurs robots ne peuvent souvent pas communiquer avec les réseaux 5GHz.

      • Profile picture from Guest
        # 28.10.21 um 21:19



        Mon bouton power ne marche plus, y'a t'il un moyen de réinitialiser le WiFi ?


    • Profile picture from Henning
      # 29.10.21 um 08:38

      Henning CG team

      Hé, à part le bouton de réinitialisation, il y a malheureusement peu d'options ici. Vous devriez peut-être demander au service clientèle de Xiaomi s'il peut vous aider.

  • Profile picture from Guest
    # 21.05.22 um 06:38


    Please help, my SWDK robot after some days of good operation suddenly started repeating something like this: "Please clean and slight flap the collision buffer". I tried to clean the collision buffer many times but what to do then? So far it worked in a good way. I would like to use it further. Any advice. Thanks.

  • Profile picture from Svetluwb
    # 04.11.22 um 00:18


  • Profile picture from Igorkxs
    # 04.11.22 um 22:44


  • Profile picture from Svetludf
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