Xiaomi VH Manual Fan Stand for $9.99 in the test

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The following scenario: Outside it is 30 degrees Celsius, in the office it is stuffy and much too warm. A cool breeze can help to prevent a complete loss of concentration. The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi thought the same thing and financed a manual fan running under the “VH” label in various color directions. Practical gadget or just hot air? We tested the Xiaomi VH.

Xiaomi VH Manual Fan Stand Dimensions

Scope of delivery

Not much is included in the scope of delivery, but logically you don’t need much for a manual fan. Besides the fan is still present:

  • stand support
  • Micro USB charging cable (48 cm)
  • short user manual in Chinese

Xiaomi VH manual fan Scope of delivery

Design and workmanship

The 18.2 x 9.1 x 4.8 cm small fan is available in green, grey, blue, red and – like our test copy – orange. The colours are pastel. This is a matter of taste, of course, but I personally like it very much. Immediately after unpacking it becomes clear: The 143 g light fan fits well in the hand and weighs almost nothing.

Xiaomi VH manual fan Dimensions
Measuring 18.2 x 9.1 x 4.8 cm and weighing 143 g, the fan is easy to hold.

The material used here is plastic, on the back of the fan there is also a CE mark. As usual with Xiaomi products, there are no processing errors. In general, the fan feels quite valuable for this price range.

Handling and operation

After a charging time of 2 h the fan is ready for a working time of 4 h, the working time varies of course depending on the selected wind force. Nevertheless, the running time of the 2,000 mAh battery is very good, unfortunately the charging time is a bit too long. With the 48 cm long micro-USB charging cable, the fan can also be charged easily on the laptop at work or on the road. The micro-USB input is located on the back of the handle.

Xiaomi VH Manual Fan Battery Charging
The battery can simply be charged on the laptop via a micro-USB charging cable.

As already indicated, three different wind speeds can be selected via the only control button of the fan on the front of the handle. The three modes are described on an advertising graphic as follows: Press the button once for a pleasant breeze, press again for the normal “natural” wind and the third step for stormy wind. You can leave it in a similar way, but the third stage is definitely not stormy, it only draws clearly if you place the fan close to your face.

Xiaomi VH Manual fan Control button
The individual wind speeds can be set using the control button.

Pressing the control button again switches the mini fan off. The operating volume of 30 dB is pleasant, so the fan can also be used in the office without disturbing colleagues. With the small hand fans, which one knows so, is the deficiency that one must hold them continuously in the hand. Xiaomi (or VH) includes a stand for this purpose in the package.

Xiaomi VH Manual Fan Stand
With the stand, the fan looks good on the desk.

The stand is quite practical and allows the wind dispenser to be placed on the desk or next to the bed. The fan also keeps it quite stable, but if you push it a little harder, the construction falls over.


A really nice hand fan, which is easy to use and fits well in the hand. The stand does not make it the larger Smart fan, but a much better alternative to the conventional USB fan. But the fan also costs ~$10, which makes it significantly more expensive than the well-known mini hand fans. But they also provide much weaker refreshment.

Xiaomi guarantees a total service life of 2000 h for the manual fan, which is probably the lowest intensity of use, but is not wrong as a guideline. If you want a solid and stylish hand and table fan, the Xiaomi model is a very good choice.

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