Xiaomi VIOMI Air Purifier for the refrigerator for $8.99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Since the Xiaomi air purifier is rightly more popular, we also find the Xiaomi VIOMI air purifier very interesting. But it finds a much more special place to use: the refrigerator!

Xiaomi VIOMI Air Purifier Refrigerator


At first glance, the Xiaomi VIOMI air purifier is small. He must be. After all, he’s supposed to be in the fridge. With a diameter of 11 cm and a thickness of 1.75 cm it is in something as big as a saucer of a coffee cup. Basically, it is similar in shape. The two outer surfaces are not as large as the outer edge, which makes it easy to place the air purifier against the refrigerator wall. The upper surface is equipped with a rotating mechanism. By turning the filter you open it and close it again.

Xiaomi VIOMI Air Purifier Front
A similar design is also known from car air fresheners.

Bacteria vs. bacteria?

Everyone probably knows that some foods in the refrigerator set their scent mark after a certain period of time. Whether fresh fruit, meat or cheese, everything emits its bacteria, which cause a bad smell that gets into your nose as soon as you open the refrigerator door. This is exactly where the Xiaomi VIOMI refrigerator air purifier comes in. This is because there is a bacterial enzyme inside, which flows into the air when the filter is opened. This attacks the “bad” bacteria, neutralizes the smell and purifies the air. According to the description, this function lasts for about a year in a refrigerator with a volume of 80 to 100 litres.

Xiaomi VIOMI Air Purifier Function Bacteria

The simplicity here lies above all in the operation. Before the first use a protective film is applied, which prevents the cleaner from functioning before. If you want to use it, remove the foil, find a free space in the refrigerator and simply leave the VIOMI in it for a year. Anyone who has had to throw things away or is annoyed about bad smell in the fridge more often could have found a cheap solution here.

Xiaomi VIOMI Strawberry Effect
Only Chinese marketing or is that really true?

Test the Xiaomi VIOMI air purifier?

We have not tested the Xiaomi VIOMI refrigerator air purifier yet. The idea sounds interesting, but it is difficult to say to what extent it works and also makes sense (hygienically). Amazon also has some air purifiers that are a little more expensive in relation. Honestly, we’re not so sure here. Testing or not testing? What’s your opinion?

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