Walkingpad C1 by Xiaomi: Foldable treadmill with app-control

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

You don’t want to go jogging in the forest during the rainy weather, but you definitely want to run one more lap? The solution could be a folding treadmill for your home. Cool, practical or expensive nonsense? Opinions differ widely, even among us in the editorial department. Nevertheless (or just because of that) we don’t want to withhold the Walkingpad C1 from you.

Xiaomi Walkpad C1 Treadmill Advertising

Xiaomi Walkpad C1 free treadmill Mi Band 4
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Technical data of the Walkingpad C1

  • Maximum weight: 110 kg
  • Treadmill weight: 22 kg
  • 6.9 cm thin (folded dimensions: 85.5 x 52.8 x 14.5 cm)
  • controllable via app (WalkingPad for iOS) or remote control
  • Speed: 6 km/h

It seems like the Andoid App is no longer available for the Walkingpad.

Unsubscribe from the gym?

Those who can only be found on the treadmills in the gym can now do their workouts with the Walkingpad C1 from home – at walking speed. This is at least the idea of the Xiaomi subsidiary, which produced the 85.5 x 52.8 x 14.5 cm small treadmill and financed it on Xiaomi’s sales platform “Xiaomiyoupin” via crowdfunding.

The walking pad can be folded so that it doesn’t stand in the way permanently. For a change, you can transport the 22 kg treadmill under your arm for on the way, but not too well. After all, there are two wheels on the underside, which makes it easier to move the treadmill within the four walls.

Xiaomi Walkpad C1 folding treadmill
The Walkingpad C1 can be folded.

The aluminium treadmill can carry a maximum weight of up to 110 kg, which is slightly less than the treadmills in the gym. But it can be operated via app (WalkingPad for iOS) or remote control. You can use it to set the speed of the belt (maximum 6 km/h), but you can also track the time you have run and the distance you have covered. The app should be able to record a multitude of measurement data, but not too much is currently advertised for it. Burned calories, fitness goals and weight changes are conceivable.

Xiaomi Walkpad C1 Treadmill App
Remote control or app: The athlete has the choice.

If you look at comparable models at Amazon, you will notice a few things: The Walkingpad C1 has no tablet or drink holder. Of course, you can also simply place the belt in front of the SmartTV to be able to consume your program while running and put your drink next to it.

Xiaomi Walkpad C1 Treadmill Runner
Do you see yourselves at home on the treadmill?

The main features of the treadmill are its small dimensions, low weight and the possibility to fold it up in a space-saving way (0.45 m²). The functions and the app overview can also be found on other treadmills in this price segment. In addition, the walking pad should run very quietly and offer enough grip that you don’t slip off quickly.

What do you think of the treadmill? We think: Actually quite cool, but much too expensive. Then it’s better to go out in rainy weather or into the gym to line up with the treadmills.

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