Xiaomi XiaoAI Smart Mouse in China presented

In addition to notebooks, Xiaomi also produces matching accessories, the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2 has been popular for a long time. Now China has introduced the Xiaomi XiaoAI Smart Mouse, a wireless mouse with integrated voice assistant.

Does a computer mouse have to be smart?

Xiaomi stays true to the overall look of the Mi Wireless Mouse 2, which is already much more ergonomic than the manufacturer’s first wireless mouse. Nevertheless, the peripheral remains very simple. The left and right mouse buttons are separated by the anthracite scroll wheel, which can also be clicked left and right. Otherwise, there is still a function key on the left side. The manufacturer uses, probably for a given reason, an antibacterial surface coating, which should efficiently limit the growth of bacteria.

The Smart Mouse can be distinguished from its predecessor almost only by the red button and the XiaoAI icon. In conjunction with the integrated microphone, the button can be used for XiaoAI, Xiaomi’s own intelligent voice assistant. This allows you to control devices in your own smart home, have sentences or words translated and, of course, create reminders or the like.

Unfortunately, XiaoAI, sometimes also called Mi AI, only supports Chinese voice input so far, so the smart mouse is currently only interesting for China. However, the button could theoretically also be equipped with Amazon Alexa as a global version, right?

The mouse can be connected to up to two computers via Bluetooth 5 or USB dongle. The dongle is hidden on the bottom of the mouse as usual. Since the Xiaomi XiaoAI Smart Mouse is wireless, it is equipped with a rechargeable battery. The 750 mAh capacity should be sufficient for a runtime of 30 days and is then charged via the USB-C port on the front. To adjust the cursor speed, the Smart Mouse can be set between 1200 and 4000 dpi.

For full use Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 is required. MacOS is also supported, but only as a mouse and not as a Smart Home gadget, i.e. you have no access to e.g. Siri.


As mentioned, the Xiaomi XiaoAI Smart Mouse is only interesting for the Chinese market for the time being, since XiaoAI currently only supports Chinese. But theoretically, the mouse could also be equipped with another language wizard like Amazon Alexa. The question remains: Does a computer mouse have to be smart? If you want to try that out for yourself, you could probably import the XiaoAI Smart Mouse soon. In China it costs the equivalent of less than $20, with a typical import surcharge, about $25 to $30 is realistic.

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