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As part of her ‘Weibo’ channel, Xiaomi published an announcement in the early hours of the day that should be of interest to smarthome enthusiasts. With the ‘Zero’, the company is taking another step forward in intelligent and, as in this case, secure household solutions. The innovation, advertised by the manufacturer itself as an “intelligent video doorbell”, immediately touches several everyday problems and answers them with technical tricks.

Xiaomi Zero Camera and Speaker


As it has already proven successful, the company is taking up this opportunity and producing the product through a crowdfunding campaign. For 199 yuan, the equivalent of about 29 dollars, this can be supported as a consumer and at the same time purchased for a lower price than after the official publication. The price here would be 229 yuan, which corresponds to just under 33 dollars at the current exchange rate. The package includes the doorbell itself, as well as an enclosed receiver for use inside the home.

Xiaomi Zero Prize

The ‘Zero’ understands its environment

The product is equipped with an integrated perception function of conspicuous features in the radius of the corresponding location where it is used. The pyroelectric infrared sensor, or “PIR” for short, specially designed for the bell enables the Zero to perceive movements of bodies. In addition, thanks to the “Zero MotionClips detection shooting function”, it is able to record images of bodies immediately and with minimal energy consumption. Specified with a radius of 3 meters outside the area of operation, the Zero begins its mission and sends a notification to a previously paired smartphone.

Xiaomi Zero

Smart is now made possible by the fact that the sensor is able to identify familiar faces, primarily residents of the house as well as family members, and then also mentions them in the push message, without having to look at the associated snapshot. This is done using AI facial recognition software, which, according to the manufacturer, can precisely distinguish between strangers and acquaintances.

The home view even on the road

As a result of being a Smarthome solution, Xiaomi advertises above all with a small feature. With regard to employees and their children or relatives who spend unattended time at home, the user of the connected smartphone can transfer the communication from the home receiver to his own screen and thus take over the communication with the visitor instead of the child. At the same time, Xiaomi combines the functions of its other products with those of the Zero and allows voice transmission to the brand’s home Bluetooth speaker to remind the home alone child that it must not open the door to strangers.

Xiaomi Zero Scope of Delivery

The integrated intercom is also equipped with a voice change feature to give the child a deeper voice in front of the visitor. So if the daughter is forced to be at home alone, operating the system, but feels a little suspicious of the other, she can give her voice a masculine veil to ward off potential dangers.

In order for the Xiaomi Zero to be as efficient and energy-efficient as possible, the system switches to a “low-power mode” after the recording has been made, sent and received. This allows the system to operate for up to 6 months with a four cell battery. Xiaomi therefore gives the feature the appropriate name of the “FastWake function”.

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    This is an excellent idea!!! I hope it will work as effectively as the advertisement indicates.

  • 22.12.18 um 18:51

    The Ferreira

    When will this became available??

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