XXL Mousepad World Map for $8.99 with Amazon Prime

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

If you feel like not only having the world at your feet but also want to admire it at eye level, you can now do so with the XXL Mousepad world map. The perfect accessory for your desk.

XXL Mousepad World Map

One of the mats comes in subtle shades of grey and graphically represents the world map including all country designations. You have the choice between an 80 cm x 30 cm or 90 cm x 40 cm mat and therefore enough space for more than just keyboard and mouse. The 2 mm thick mat has a non-slip rubber floor and an ultra smooth surface.

XXL Mousepad World Map rolled up
Due to the sewn edges the mat does not fray.

The mat is also water-repellent and can easily be wiped off in the event of minor accidents. Fun, games and a little snack in between are no longer an obstacle. If the world map in grey tones is too boring for you, you can get it here in other variations as well. These are usually other versions of the world map – for example in different colours.

However, there is also a fifth motif that shows the ladies from Blizzard’s shooter “Overwatch” at its best. The motif looks a bit random between the cards, but maybe one or the other was looking for it. (*cough* like Thorben ? )

XXL Mousepad Overwatch
Since Thorben has always paid close attention to geography, he does not need a mousepad with a world map.

He ordered his mousepad about a month ago during a similar event. In his experience, the XXL Mousepad, even shortly after unpacking, does not smell unpleasant and is solidly manufactured. The non-slip underside keeps its promises and allows you to move the mouse pointer as you wish.

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