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The name Yeelight should be a household name by now. A further member of the lighting family is the Yeelight Meteorite pendant. This noble lamp is meant for the lighting of the dining table. It has, like the other Yeelights, smart functions, which should embellish your dinnertime.

Yeelight Meteorite Pendant Lamp

Size90 x 7 x 4 cm + up to 1.5 m suspension
ColourWhite, RGB
LEDs280 LEDs
Colour temperature2700K – 6500K
Lumen1800 Lumen
Consumption33 Watt
ExtrasControl by Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT etc., Voice Control, App operation, stepless dimming, IP50

Noble ambience while dining

For those of us who own a dining table, the Yeelight Meteorite pendant is a very simple and chic design element. But also in other rooms the lamp can bring joy. With its simple white design, the lamp fits almost anywhere.

The 90 x 7 x 4 cm lamp has a white plastic coating, which is supposed to be translucent. In addition, the 280 LEDs provide either warm or colourful light downwards, but 14 lenses also illuminate upwards. This provides a very soft glow without hard transitions.

Yeelight Meteorite Pendant Pink
The colours can be adjusted according to the mood.

The pendant can be suspended from 0.5 to 1.5 metres, depending on the height of the ceiling and the table. From cold to warm white, the lamp can be adapted to the current daylight. This is not only very pleasant for the eyes, but also looks simply beautiful.

Yeelight Meteorite pendant lamp Operation
The many different operating options of the lamp.

We have here not only the possibility to operate the Meteorite pendant lamp via Yeelight App, but also via, among others, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, the Xiaomi loudspeaker and Gateway. There you can also select the “Special Dining Mode” and adjust the Ambient Light according to your preferences: romantic pink or reddish light? No problem. Relaxed blue glow at the movie night? Check. Green light when gaming? Naturally possible!

Yeelight Meteorite pendant RGB
All these colors!

Another feature is the IP50 certification. This means that the lamp is dust protected. In addition, the completely sealed housing prevents insects from entering the lamp, which could then settle there or die.

Yeelight Meteorite pendant lamp, yes or no?

Now let’s get to the really important questions: Is the price of about $150 for the pendant worth it? I would say yes. Especially since the smart functions could justify the price. Comparable looking lamps may only cost about $100 or less, but are not equipped with Ambient Light and the repertoire of operating options. In addition, the connection with the Xiaomi gateway gives hope that the door sensors, for example, could automatically switch on the lamp as soon as you enter the (dining) room.

The next question would be: would you hang this lamp in your own four walls? In my opinion, definitely. The classic and simple design makes the Yeelight Meteorite pendant a real eye-catcher in my eyes. If you start to adapt the colors to the events taking place there, the envy of the visitors is certain. How do you see it?

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