Yeelight YLXD50YL smart ceiling light with RGB ambient lighting for $104.99

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The Yeelight YLXD50YL is a new model of the LED Smart ceiling light from the Yeelight family. The lamp is designed for rooms from 20-25sqm and provides ambient lighting in all situations due to its many adjustment possibilities from color temperature and brightness of the main lamp to separate control of the RGB ring.

Yeelight YLXD50YL Ceiling Light at GearBest for $104.99

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Technical data

NameYeelight YLXD50YL Ceiling light
Size(L x W x H): 47.00 x 47.00 x 6.00 cm
Weight2080 grams
Color temperature2700K – 6500K (RGB)
ExtrasWifi connection, app operation, Dimmable, controlled by Alexa, Apple HomeKit compatible

Scope of delivery

The packaging is plain brown and contains an image of the luminaire itself and the technical parameters, but the respective description is only in Chinese.

Inside, it contains the ceiling lamp itself, instructions for use in Chinese and the necessary screws and dowels for mounting on the ceiling.


The Yeelight YLXD50YL ceiling lamp is round, like most lamps of the Chinese manufacturer. The shade is plain white and is surrounded by a discreet bronze ring. The lighting element underneath is equipped with a multitude of LEDs.

In addition, the separately controllable RGB strips are also located on the top side. With a diameter of 47 cm, the lamp appears very large at first, but under the ceiling it is far less so. With a total weight of a little more than 2 kg, the Yeelight YLXD50YL lamp is also not a lightweight, which is especially due to the metal base plate on which the LED cells are mounted.

Once the lampshade is attached, the individual LED cells are no longer visible, even when switched on. A special gimmick is that the lamp is designed in such a way that no mosquitoes can get into the lampshade. A mosquito protection box is built into the mains connection hole, which prevents mosquitoes from entering the lamp body through the connection hole.


The Yeelight YLXD50YL ceiling light is generally well made without any problems. The metal underside is cleanly milled and painted. The plastic lampshade looks a bit wobbly in the hand, but there are no noses or other manufacturing flaws. Under the ceiling it looks very good, and when installed it is not at all recognizable that the lampshade is made of plastic and not of glass.


First of all there are a few facts. The brightness of the Yeelight YLXD50YL ceiling lamp is a maximum of 3000 lumen and should be sufficient for a room of 20-25qm². The room in which I tested the lamp has only a size of 13qm². The color temperature ranges from 2600K (warm white) to 6500K (cold white).

The lamp has a power of 50 Watt at 220V 0,23A. The main lamp has 81 LED modules, which partly light up warm white and partly cold white, to reproduce the desired setting. The modules are capable of displaying a color rendering index (Ra) of 95. Natural light with 100 Ra is used as a reference value. For comparison: normal LED light usually only has a value of 70-80 Ra and is therefore particularly gentle on the eyes.

The RGB LED strips are located on the top side, so they can be used to create passive lighting from 16 million selectable colors. The lamp is also equipped with a WLAN module with the WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz standard.

Installation on the ceiling

The enclosed instructions for installation are only in Chinese, but are accompanied by pictures, which makes the installation overall very easy.

First, the light module (without lampshade) has to be held to the desired position on the ceiling. The three points needed for drilling can be marked. After the holes are drilled, the three enclosed dowels must be inserted into the holes. Afterwards, the two power cables plus grounding must be led from the ceiling through the opening of the lamp provided for this purpose. Afterwards the lamp must only be fixed to the ceiling with the enclosed screws.

Finally, power cables from the ceiling only need to be attached to the luster terminal of the lamp in the corresponding connection. This completes the actual installation of the lamp. Only the lampshade has to be turned onto the light module.

Since it is quite difficult to hold the light module on the ceiling with one hand, the installation should be carried out by two people in order not to slip when marking the drill holes.

Installation in the Yeelight App

After mounting, the lamp can be connected to the Yeelight App.

A device with Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or later is required. Under the tab “Add Device” “Mi LED Ceiling Light Series” must be selected. Next, a reset of the lamp is required. To do this, you have to switch the lamp on and off 5 times in a row using the light switch. Then the lamp will start pulsing and will turn on again shortly after.

The next step is to select your own WLAN network and connect to it. If the previously performed reset has worked, the lamp is displayed as a selectable device in the next step. It only needs to be selected and the connection process is then carried out automatically. This process worked without problems in our test.

Scope of functions

The ceiling light offers a variety of functions, especially in combination with the Yeelight App. As a general setting option, the lamp can be remotely controlled via the App, both in terms of switching on and off as well as brightness between 1% and 100%.

Furthermore, schedules can be set so that the lamp switches itself on or off at a set time. In addition there is the possibility to set a timer. As a special highlight there is the so-called “after mode”. In this mode the lamp shines very dark and is supposed to imitate moonlight.

Furthermore, a standard light can also be defined. If this function is deactivated, the lamp shines after switching on as it did after the last switching off. If, on the other hand, a standard light is set, the lamp always starts in this preset program, regardless of the state in which it was switched off. You can adjust the lighting to your needs using various preset “scenes” or simply create certain scenes yourself and save them as favourites.

The main lighting element and the RGB LED strips can be controlled separately via the app. The brightness can be adjusted separately or completely deactivated. It is therefore also possible to use the RGB LED strips to create purely passive lighting. The only shortcoming I noticed is that a certain brightness range cannot be controlled. With 1 % brightness the lamp in my room is still quite bright. If you set the brightness within the moon mode to 100% the brightness is still very low. Unfortunately the intermediate range cannot be controlled, which is only due to the technical implementation within the app.

The Yeelight app is very intuitive to use and you will quickly find your way around. It reacts quickly to commands and offers a variety of settings.

Apple HomeKit integration

As a new feature the Yeelight YLXD50YL ceiling light is also compatible with Apple HomeKit. For integration into Apple’s Home App, a QR code is attached to the main light, which can be scanned in the Home App and then connected by itself.

With the Home App you can adjust the brightness or different color temperatures of the main element. The RGB LED strips are not controllable via the Home App. In the Yeelight App you can also set up Siri shortcuts to switch the lamp on and off via the settings. So you can also use commands like “Turn off the light”, “Turn on the light” or “Set the brightness to 30%” to control the lamp via Siri.

In our test this worked fine for the most part, but sometimes the lamp only reacted after several attempts. All in all, the setting options via the Apple Home App are manageable in comparison to the Yeelight App. In particular, a continuous adjustment of the color temperature is also not possible, but only within pre-defined options.

Buy Yeelight YLXD50YL Smart ceiling light?

The Yeelight ceiling light portfolio is broadly diversified. There is a suitable solution for all needs. The Yeelight YLXD50YL stands out in particular due to its separately controllable RGB LED ring and the overall compact size.

Until now, this feature was reserved for the Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL, which is only suitable for large rooms due to its size of 65 cm and a weight of over 6 kilos. Also the possibility of the, albeit limited, control via AppleHome could be interesting for some. I was convinced by the lamp because of its versatile setting options, simple setup and simple design!

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