Smart Yeelock drawer lock for $19.92

Chinese manufacturers make it their business to make every part of your home smart. In addition to vacuum robots, lamps and air purifiers, this also includes locks, and not just since yesterday. A new variant is the Yeelock drawer lock, which will make keys obsolete in the future.

Yeelock drawer lock

Minimalist design

The smart lock of the Chinese manufacturer basically consists of two parts. The larger part contains the trap and also the Yeelock logo. With dimensions of 90 mm in length and 54 mm in width, it is considered the “lock body”. The counterpart, which offers the recess for the latch (slanted bolt, also known as “snapper”), is somewhat smaller. This also measures 90 mm in length, but only 40 mm in width. Both parts are 18 mm thick.

Yeelock Drawer Lock White Design

Even though it is not officially from Xiaomi, Xiaomi’s signature is unmistakable in the Yeelock drawer lock. The manufacturer’s white and minimalist design is now a trademark. Since simplicity is a top priority here, no manual dexterity is necessary. Thanks to the 3M adhesive strips, you can simply glue the lock on. Exactly in this case, of course, there would also be a great uncertainty of the lock, an adhesive lock can be destroyed by anyone with minimal effort. But there is probably a metal disc in the scope of delivery, so that you can also screw it on.

Yeelock drawer lock Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery of the drawer lock.

Smartphone as a key

The smart thing about this lock is the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone. You can use it to unlock the lock if necessary. We already know this in this form from the Bluetooth padlock, which we have already tested. Bluetooth 4.0 is used for this and the app can be downloaded via the QR code in the user manual. As soon as the smartphone and lock are digitally connected, the lock can be opened within one to two seconds. This probably works over a maximum distance of 10 metres.

Yeelock drawer lock Smartphone

The power for the openings is drawn by the Yeelock from two AAA batteries that are not included in the scope of delivery. In return, the manufacturer promises that the battery life is very long and the closing itself doesn’t require much power. The remaining battery level of the Yeelock should be readable via the app, so that the batteries can be replaced in time.


The principle is not new, but the Yeelock drawer lock makes it all a little more visually appealing than the mentioned padlocks. Still: include important documents with it? I wouldn’t do that and I wouldn’t recommend it either. The other application example would be applicable in everyday life. I find it particularly interesting to lock shelves at floor level so that children don’t open them.

What do you think of the Yeelock? Do you have to make locks “smart” yourself?

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