New YI Action Gimbal for YI Action Cams for $199

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Annoying jerks in the otherwise perfect videos can ruin the overall impression. So that the camera stays calm when taking pictures from the hand, there are so-called gimbals. YI Technology also has its own model on the market, the YI Action Gimbal, which is specially tailored to the in-house YI Action Cams.

three YI action cams beside the YI Action Gimbal in Lock Mode

Stabilization 3-axes
ConnectivityWLAN; Bluetooth; micro-USB; 1/4″ Tripod thread
Battery / Runtime2 x 18350 Battery with 850 mAh / 6-8 hours each
Measurements260 x 82 x 107 mm / 3.2 x 4.2 x 10.2 inches
Weight310 g / 10.9 ounces

The holder for the cameras is built for action cams and especially the models of YI. Since the company’s cameras – namely the YI 4K(+), YI Lite and YI Discovery – all have virtually identical dimensions, they can all be mounted equally. The camera can then be connected to the gimbal via Bluetooth.
the different specs of the YI action gimbalFour different modes to choose from. In Pan Mode the camera only follows a horizontal rotation, in Pan & Tilt Mode the gimbal can also be tilted to film diagonally up or down. Lock mode finally fixes all three axes so that the camera retains its orientation with each movement (see the animation below). In Selfie Mode the camera is shot so that – surprise – selfies can be taken.

But we also know this from other gimbals. In terms of functionality (and design), many models are very similar. The YI Action Gimbal is in the same price category as the FeiyuTech G5 as the much cheaper Zhiyun Smooth-Q. Whether it is worth the price must show a practical test. At least with the YI Action Cams the device should harmonize very well, after all it comes from the same manufacturer.

YI Action Gimbal in movement

There are no surprises when it comes to the service either. You already know the joystick for manual control of the camera, the other buttons are also obligatory. One button changes modes, one is the trigger for the camera and one turns the gadget on and off. The LED in the middle indicates the battery status. There is a thread in the bottom of the gimbal, so it can also be screwed onto an appropriate holder.

Control buttons of the YI Action Gimbal

Camera and mount from one source: For the owners of the YI 4K or YI 4K+ the YI Action Gimbal is probably the first choice. There is also a predecessor to this model, the YI Handheld Gimbal, which, however, still has to make do without the practical handle, and which generally has somewhat weaker specs.

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